Classical Education is Not Good for The Economy

Iásonas Lupus and Brendan Heard

Classical education is no longer valued in Western nations because it is considered a negative asset to the economy.

Promoting physical, intellectual and spiritual discipline, within a framework of respect and self-admiration for tradition and ancestry, does not produce good consumers, or satisfied worker-drones, for the finance-capital plutocracy.

Uncritical people, who tend to be deeply undisciplined, consume a lot of rubbish, materially and mentally. This is good for the disastrous (but temporarily feel-good) model of perpetual economic growth – which is itself great for the profiteering of non-working financiers (speculation, usury). Classical education prevents people from becoming victims of their lower nature, and makes them question everything. This subverts controllable media-mandated corporatism and the slave-ethics of a confined language. Anything which questions this is unacceptable, as it is unquantifiable and effects growth of the economy. And growth of the economy is essentially their religion.

Someone who wants to live a simpler and less materialistic life, to pursue intellectual, spiritual and physical improvement, is not good for the economy. It might be good for an economy in a far-seeing society, but it is not immediately good, so is a threat to a corrupt and lazy system that sees only today.

Classical education promotes strength and heroism. This is a dangerous subversion to political liberalism, which seeks to create men who are meek and tolerant. Such men do not use intellect and strength to fight injustices, they are too cowed and fearful to question a corrupt state. Self-mastery defies dependence and promotes quality over quantity.

Being conscious of your physical well-being and health is not good for the economy, it interferes with the financial success stories of big pharma and fast food establishments, which poison your physical health for profit.

Becoming a master craftsmen, sculptor, painter, scholar, warrior, musician etc, is not good for economic liberalism, since this is based on quality, not on quantity. Consequently, we have all been equalized; and are now an uncritical proletariat, frightened of a forbidden thought, thoughts which might impede economic growth. Your perpetual reward for obedience is consumption – consumption that will never benefit you.

Why consumption, you might ask? Consumption is good for economic growth and profit. Being educated on how to think critically is not good for the economy.

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