Gemini New Moon 10th June 2021 10:52 AM GMT

By Holly Hazeltree.

This new moon is also a solar eclipse, so another powerful and potent moon to be working with. As it’s a new moon, it’s especially good for setting intentions. For Geminis in particular, this is a good moon to set some intentions for the next year ahead, while other air signs will feel this moon strongly as well.

The Sun is in a very strong position, flanked by the Moon, Mercury and the North Node (I’ll refer to this as the Gemini stellium). They are in a part of the chart dealing with business, commerce, career and how we project ourselves out to the collective – so for Geminis it’s worth keeping that in mind this moon, as those will be productive areas to work with for you. Mercury’s roles as not only a communicator but trader par excellence are highlighted. It’s no surprise to me that the G7 summit is beginning at this time. There is a lot I could say about this moon, but I am going to focus on the importance of the air element, as it looks like the elites are trying to cash in on this configuration, so I’ll explain things to look out for as we go forward, what we can do, and how this energy can be worked with on an individual level.

The Gemini stellium makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is an area of the chart that rules physical health, details and rules, mundane work and – on a more esoteric level – how we embody our spiritual force. At the Winter Solstice, I wrote about how Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions, which had occurred in the Earth element for hundreds of years, have now moved into the element of Air. During this eclipse, the element of air is strong, so I suspect there will be an attempt to use this element to bring in more control of business, commerce and communications. This will be in the form of petty rules and contracts that affect everyday life, so domestic passports and controlling information about Covid are all on the table. As these planets are active in areas of the chart associated with Earth, there will be rules about climate change in there too.

All of these rules will be an attempt to control the element of Air. It is difficult to grasp this, as our world has been dominated by the element of Earth for so long (think control of resources, banking, etc), it is difficult to see this switch manifest – but this is part of what the Covid stuff has been about, a ritual to control Air.

Air rules reason, logic and communications. It’s fairly obvious how the clampdowns on social media, hate speech laws and control of scientific information, or what passes for it, are now so prevalent. The Enlightenment values the mainstream claims to champion are being jettisoned at an alarming rate, especially in the past 12 months or so. This is part of the attempt to control the air element and shape the future in a way that is beneficial for those in control, and not us.

As logic and reason become subject to more control, it will be up to us to decide what is true or not. This will be anathema to some, but we will have to fall back on our intuition to make more decisions rather than information, as it could become increasingly difficult to work out what is true or not. The war over information is real, so seeking out different sources of information, as well as relying on ourselves again via our intuitions is the way through this. In the long-term, it is an opportunity to return to ourselves and our own inner knowledge and not something to fear. We have to remember why all of our old systems were dismantled in the first place and replaced with Christianity – a big part of it was to separate us from our own inner gnosis and replace it with something literally and figuratively outside of ourselves. We are being pushed into returning.

Saturn also highlights the need for a healthy body, as it is the foundation of a healthy mind and psyche. I have been amazed by the explosion I have seen of people advocating physical health and exercise as well as meditation, getting lots of sun and just making that connection between the body, mind and spirit. This is how we circumvent these plans.

The Gemini stellium makes a difficult aspect to Neptune. Neptune is good at dissolving things. By staying in our own gnosis and continuing to develop it, this is how we dissolve their control. It may sound simplistic and too easy, perhaps, but it is that simple. This is why so much energy and resources have been poured into keeping us from our old traditions and ways, because the knowing that accompanies them is powerful.

On a more personal level, this moon is a really great opportunity to intend to deepen your communication with yourself, to encourage you to look for good sources of information in all areas of your life and to build networks with like-minded others. This fantastic energy does not have to be captured by elites, it is there for all of us to take advantage of. This energy will be building now until the Summer Solstice on the 21st, so I will be back then for a longer reading covering the next three months.

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