Hinduism and Perennial philosophy (Part 2)

Moxad and Brendan Heard

ME: really, so you also have the duality of heaven and hell?

MOXAD: yes we do. heaven is Saatvik, earth is Rajassic, hell is Tamsic, and between births you will spend your time at one of these, but the cycle is endless

ME: OK, so if one attains Moksha (without trying to, ha), one can cease the cycle of rebirth and reach heaven.

MOXAD: Yes, then you merge back into the SUPERSOUL. basically you become part of the god.

ME: Right, the supersoul. It does remind me of Socrate’s account of Er, and the wheel of reincarnation.

MOXAD: Yes the doctrine of soul is very common, even when Alexander conquered India he saw the similarity between these two faiths.

ME: Right, so that doctrine of soul, the supersoul, which Plotinus might call ‘the One’, is perhaps an original ancient IE concept, that survived in Hinduism and Hellenism.

MOXAD: You attain everything by knowledge. But for perfect Moksha at death you should not only be unattached to worldly pleasures, you should also not be attached to the denouncement of worldly pleasures.

ME: right (laughs).

MOXAD: You shouldn’t be happy in victory or sad in defeat. It is best to be indifferent. It’s like you are in a play, and you are playing a character. the actor is the soul, the character he plays is his body. when the actor finishes the role, he is not attached to that role.

ME: The Romans as well would have encouraged indifference to emotion and attachment.

MOXAD: You can run away from anything, but not run from your own nature. You must stay true to your inner nature. for good karma you must not attach ego to identity. if you are playing a role as an singer about to sing live, you will have stress or ego or human emotion attached to that. but lets say you are singing alone, just for the joy of it, true to your nature, that is a karma yoga, because you identity is not attached to it, just your nature playing.

ME: So humility is a big thing then, avoiding ego, not being false, but what about big achievers and conquerors that did great things for their people, that must have had large egos?

MOXAD: Ego isn’t bad, but if you want to achieve the liberation from endless rebirth you have to tame it. You have to put it under your control, so it can’t overpower your identity at time of death, as with ego there will be attachment. so if you want to achieve liberation, it should be kept under the control of your soul.

ME: If you do a great deed, and it’s helpful to everyone, and its Saatvik,

MOXAD: Yes it will be Saatvik ad attached to you and nothing bad, but it’s not a karma yoga, nothing bad about it, if you have the sense of ego, its fine, but you will stay in this physical realm. I myself like to claim and have things.

ME: Yes, like your muscle car, which you named Nirvana (ha). so its not bad, and i’m like that too – so we’re stuck I guess, we’re here for another cycle, or hundreds…

MOXAD: yes, haha, the car reminds me of ancient chariot. the old spirit kicks in.

ME: It should have blades on the wheels. The way things are going we might be riding chariots again soon, throwing spears from the back. So tell me about the Kali Yuga, the one everybody knows, I know you say you think its going on now, and has been for thousands of years already.

MOXAD: In Kali Yuga people are judged by materialistic things – like the Kardashians.

ME: Ah those idiots, yes you can tell they are evil because they are so stupid and self centred.

MOXAD: Yes but people follow them because they are materialistic, so Taamsik nature is dominant right now. In more Saatvik times family values are stronger. During Kali Yuga families break apart, and theives rule. But for those that do good during Kali Yuga, the reward is greater, so there is hope for us, because Saatvik Guna is still with us, though it is lesser. For 10,000 years will be golden age of kali yuga.

ME: 10,000!

MOXAD: Yes but it started a while ago.

ME: When?

MOXAD: About 1000 years ago I would say.

ME: Ah, so only 9000 to go.

MOXAD: Haha.

ME: But its a good time, a time for good people, to be heroes,

MOXAD: Yes Kali Yuga is a time for heroes. it is like in the top level of video game when you fight the boss.

ME: Yes, well at least it won’t be boring. So do you know of any other links between Hinduism and ancient occidental paganism?

MOXAD: Yes, I think there are three links. First is the doctrine of soul, already mentioned, Caesar noticed the same practice in Celtic druids. Brahmans are like druids. There is secondly the classifications or hierarchical structure of classical society: the ruling class, priestly class, warrior class, and commoners. The third is polytheism itself, of which the various gods are manifestations of the same supreme god. this helps in understanding the non-undersatndable with your human psyche. so lets say you are worshipping Ares, you are invoking the physical manifestation of that god, or Zeus lets say for wisdom, but they are different manifestations of the same god.

ME: That is similar to Platonism too. Very good information, and thanks.

Moxad: Thank you, goodbye.

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