Mystery-cult Aristocrats

We may be very far away from being permitted to do anything real, but we must still speculate, and dreaming about something is the first stage in manifesting it. Control is more absolute than ever, conformity is more like a law than a choice, yet we must fantasize about THE BETTER WAY. We must stoically await the hour when the dark beast shambling through civilization and crashing into it’s foundations begins to breathe blood and falter. We will watch calmly as the frantic monster lays down in the rubble and the light fades from it’s eyes.

What we dream of is the creation of a true elite, forged and tempered in a new fire. Not just a political elite, but a kind of Platonic, idealist elite for each branch of learning: the sciences, the military, the arts, education, and the stewards of statesmanship. Metaphysical aristocrats who have a sincere and deep interest in regulating culture deistically, with an immovable honesty and hard inner core, capable of essentialist decision-making, and unafraid of experimentation. Not wild, ignoble experimentation of the ‘barrier removers’ (or the dissipating open plain of undisciplined, abstract chaos) but the mindful speartip experimentation of a focused and genealogically unbroken inner warrior. This dream-idea is a tiny foetus in the heart of the dead monster, which will grow in fire out of the compost of the beast’s body.

In our dreams these aristocrats will be trained in groves and caves – bowers of learning beneath old trees and mountain-carvings, and dimly lit zodiacal grottos. When upper initiates of this mystery-school are masters, they will in turn become teachers, speaking in classical Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit, among many other languages, lost and living. They will strive to grasp a unifying dialogue between Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Hellenists, Odinists, Zoroastrians, Christians, etc., with an openness to understanding. So that the acquisition of spiritual knowledge does not get caught up in mythical literalism, but only in investigating the supreme truths which are found hidden within a hazy alchemical cloud of psychedelic colours, or a trajectory of expended pink-and-green rocket fuel.

Such metaphysical leadership will unite sectarian arguments beneath a rational (yet spiritual) metaphysic, and let nothing interfere with the pursuit of higher revelation. Time and season will again be measured, studied, and worshipped by stone monolith, as we conversely reach for the very constellations themselves, to create our own forever-time event.

These mystery-cult elites will shun the worship of materialism and reduce and restrain the overly-careful effeminate opinion, and mercilessly eschew the false idolation of ‘commerce’. Being masters of geometry and engineering, they themselves will oversee works that put bronze whales into space and construct temples of atmosphere-touching height, where busy people like worker-ants will focus meditative powers, toward a simultaneous extant and inner self-control. New ways will be devised to contact the hidden world, and all metaphysical academies and guilds and apprenticeships will hold an eye to a positive future. All will be united, like a focused laser, behind the metaphysic.

Psychic and material exploration will be prioritized, with unwavering courage and discipline. Completely apart from our shabby ‘riding the tiger’ current-future of fear and negativity and cowardice, where all possibilities are stymied by conformist stagnation, this would be a new age of discovery.

The revival of philosophical academies which encouraged fearless methods of NeoPlatonic observation and speculation are the only way to forge a patriarch-wizard class. This class will crush forever the banal world of the managerial pencil-pusher. The bureaucrat, the technocrat, the mindless insectoid ‘politician’, the insurance salesman, the cheap sensualist pod-dweller, the nobody. These modes of life stand in the way of the salvation of the mysteries, and must be swept away. They stand in the way of a new-yet-old tradition which understands the necessary totemic nature of life.

This would herald the return of proper religious festival – the strange and complicated practices of civic duty, steeped in necessary habit, superceding all work and bringing joy of culture. This would permeate everything.

The ideology of the enlightenment is an anti-metaphysical and unnecessarily limiting. It cannot animate a cultural renaissance – it is playing itself out, and trapping us along with it. Trapped we are, by the pens of the office workers, the media of the conformists, and the watchful eye of the technocrats who cling to techno-routines at all cost. But the dreamers can stand apart, knowing the beast will drop, knowing fate has determined a calculated loss. Nihilism is nothing more than being frightened by the deathless nature of one’s soul, and produces the nothingness which rages against the world.

When Marcus had come to Athens and had been initiated into the Mysteries, he not only bestowed honours upon the Athenians, but also, for the benefit of the whole world, he established teachers at Athens in every branch of knowledge, granting these teachers an annual salary. – Cassius Dio

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