The Forever War

From Excuse the Blood

People are talking about the “forever wars”. Especially regarding Afghanistan. Eternal, fruitless endevours. Joe Haldemann wrote a prophetic sci-fi novel in 1975 called The Forever War. Based largely on the authors experience in Vietnam, it is quite prescient. Set over a lengthy timespan involving interstellar combat, the protagonist, Mandella travels back to Earth.

I will not exhaust the totality of the themes but one major aspect is that the entire human race has become for the most part homosexual. This change in attitudes appears to have been encouraged as a solution to human overpopulation. Extreme rationing and widespread umemployment has become rampant. Such is the protagonists inability to adapt to the new social engineering, he re-enlists to go back into army life. This runs many parellels to the narrative of what is now known as “globohomo”.

Whilst a work of fiction the metaphor of The Forever War was meant to refer to the cold and bitter reception war veterans recieved on their completion of service in Vietnam, booed and jeered by a spiteful malaise of socially engineered “revolutionaries” and the values they held aloft. This is becoming increasingly more real to this day. Those who wish to go out and fight in the West’s forever wars and engage martial vigour do so for a system that despises them and seeks to grind them down once they have done their bidding.

There is a short clip from Adam Curtis’ “Bitter Lake” which acts as a perfect reference to the ideas of a conquering regime and the ideas it seeks to impose on its new subjects. A classroom of Afghan women are lectured on contemporary Western “art”. Rather than great tapestries, sculptures, mosaics, churches, portraits, aqueducts and so forth they are subjected to a presentation slide of Marcel Duchamp’s “installation” of a urinal.

“A urinal. Wait, a work of art!!!”

To a society that hasnt been totally brainwashed, pathologized and browbeaten, the notion that this is “art” is of course bewildering. Its an act of psychological war designed to disintegrate the human psyche and its sense of evaluation. A deliberate act of conditioning.

That also speaks for a wider system of values. A one which men will fight for, whilst it simultaneously encourages their women to cheat them, their kids to sterilize themselves and change gender and then mock you when you come home, regardless of whether youre in one piece, injured, partly dismembered or in a body bag.

That is the consequence of the contemporary West, its controllers and their Forever Wars.

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