You are not meant to universally love or like every person (or type of person) that you may come across. While you may often be (rightly) inclined to self-check your arbitrary dislike for a certain ‘type’ of person, lets say ‘accountants’ or ‘easy listening’ fans, you are also not 100% wrong for doing so, nor should you always be checked or prevented from expressing this dislike. This is merely the natural and unavoidable course of things in the tapestry of nature: that all things are, in some inevitable sense, at odds, or potentially so, at no personal fault of yours, but by the very design of the cosmos. To be wise is to recognize the constant war of ideas, or war between ‘types’, as naturally emerging and utterly unavoidable, with each seeming period of peace being only a period of brewing before the next war.

The universalist who corrects you for expressing dislike for other individuals or personality types usually does so with a ‘you’re not perfect yourself’ appeal. As though we are all measuring ourselves against a mannequin standard or archetypal marker for the ultimate average and totally likeable and unopinionated person. The penultimate uber-average, without bias or conflict or enemy. But such a person or standard does not exist, despite the effectiveness of this implication. It is moreover an appeal to fairness, to measure or temper your emotions, which in the pursuit of Platonic balance is often a good thing. It is also polite.

However! In our miserable modern age we have taken this basic appeal to politeness and balance to an unbalanced and insane degree. For you have natural enemies, and bias, at every level of human life, and you will have ‘types’ which are not suited to you, and never will be, and you should in certain circumstance be unabashed in your assessment and judgement of the practitioner of what you perceive to be poor taste and squalid opinion. I personally have come to despise the ‘dead-average type’, the type who balks at all variations of originality whenever they witness it, and wait for its pre-approved successor to emerge a generation or decade later, so petrified with fear are they to make the social misstep of recognizing immediate genius.

Do not feel ashamed! You cannot prevent your conflict with that type which was intentionally created by nature herself as opposition to yours, in God’s great contest.

“Achilles glared at him and answered, “Fool, prate not to me about covenants. There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out an through. Therefore there can be no understanding between you and me…”
– Homer

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  1. God Himself created duality (i.e. light against darkness). Types of people & things fall into these two categories. The ultimate of things is order versus disorder. Hence, the ongoing contest authored by God.

    Once all of the aforementioned is fully realized (a kind of a black-pill for the utopian-minded), a proper freedom & purpose sets in for those of courage & discipline. Thank you for the potent article.

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