Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces.

I wanted to write a short article on the upcoming Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces that will be operational from the 8th-12th April and its likely effects. This transit is a rare and yet fantastic opportunity to evolve and grow. Generally speaking, it heralds a time of great positivity, so I wanted to explain how its effects can be utilised in our personal lives for our own development and evolution.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter rules growth, higher education, travel, learning and wisdom. In traditional astrology (which only uses the first seven planets), Jupiter is also the ruler of Pisces, hence Jupiter has a natural affinity to the sign of Pisces and feels ‘at home’ in that sign. Jupiter is also the epic adventurer of the zodiac. He can be a bit of an Indiana Jones-type figure – an adventurer, an explorer, brave and daring. On the negative side, Jupiter can be careless, over-confident, slapdash and insensitive to others. As Jupiter transits through Pisces, the growth and adventure we can expect to experience is more of a spiritual or artistic variety. Where this spiritual evolution manifests for each of us personally is down to where in our natal chart we find Pisces, as well as any other aspects that are being activated. In very general terms, though, this transit does promise spiritual and creative expansion and adventure.

As for Neptune, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so not only is he completely at home in his own sign but the effects of this Jupiter transit are amplified as Neptune is sailing through his native waters. It’s a very comfortable transit for both planets, in other words. Neptune rules spirituality, fantasy, art, imagination and music. It is a mystical force that is hard to describe in words but is instantly understood, especially when it is absent. It infuses the mundane and trivial with beauty and meaning and makes life worth living. It’s a transcendent force. However, on the negative side Neptunian influence can be delusional, impractical and totally incapable of living in the mundane world of making a living. It can also show where we have experienced weakness or loss, literally things dissolving on us, or being hidden away from the harsh truth of reality.

Pisces is a sign that is at present poorly understood, which is ironic as the Piscean age is ebbing away. There may be many reasons for this, such as the negative side of Neptune being amplified and causing confusion and distortion (known as Neptunian fog) for the past 2,000 years. Another explanation is due to the past 2,000 years having been dominated by extreme materialism that we are only just moving away from now, with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in air, from Winter Solstice in 2020 – which is an important marker in the start of the age of Aquarius.

Although the age of Aquarius has been hijacked by the New Age movement, it is important to remember that the precession of the equinoxes is an age-old concept used by astrologers to determine the different ages on Earth. It is imperative that we take it back and reclaim its energy, as it is already being used to usher in things like trans rule under the guise of liberty and humanitarianism, which is ruled by Aquarius. It’s one reason ideas like this are gaining such traction at this time, so understanding the astrology of each sign better will allow us to steer these larger time cycles in a more positive direction. But I digress.

I believe part of the explanation for this is because we are not aware of how to utilise the outer planet cycles into our personal lives. I believe all of the planets represent timescales and some of them, such as the outer planets, represent timescales that we have completely forgotten about. This is a subject for another article but suffice to say the outer planets need more explanation and interpretation than they currently receive.

As I said, Neptune represents glamour and art, creativity, imagination. It is the bridge to the imagination, in THE sign of imagination and creativity. Jupiter rules expansion, growth and wisdom, so during this transit this bridge to the imagination will be wide open. It’s a fantastic and rare opportunity to grow your imagination, progress/deepen your spiritual path and/or gain new insights/perceptions into life in general. Our ancestors would have been fully aware of these transits and used them to propel their lives and their societies forwards.

So, if you are familiar with your birth chart and know which house Pisces is in, this is the area of life you will feel this conjunction in. It may also stimulate old situations which you thought were dealt with and forgotten. And it will activate all of your aspects, so for some it may be that old wounds or difficult situations are stimulated and activated. If that is so, that is where the learning is to come from, so be open to new understandings of such difficult situations, if that is the case. It can also be a time where old connections dissolve or you begin to think differently about others, as it is expanding your perceptions and thoughts.

If possible, take time out over those four days, and especially the 12th, to dedicate to spirit and your creative passions. Immersing yourself in those over those days will likely produce some very blissful experiences for you. Trust your Piscean intuition on the best way to do this. Let it reign. If you find that those days bring difficulty and loss in some way, know that this is also the transit taking effect and that new, healthy growth will eventually emerge from whatever comes to pass at this time.

One other thing is to be aware of floods or water issues. Neptune and Jupiter together in Pisces can mean big expanses of water, so look out for that! On the whole, it’s an opportunity to take a spiritual and creative quantum leap. Switching off from the world this weekend and immersing yourself in this part of your life will maximise the effects and rewards of this transit.

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