On the Mythos and Demigods.

Myths from across the world mention the concept of demigods; generally, one divine parent who had offspring with a mortal.

Are they truly parented by a divinity? From my research and worldview, I discern the Demigods to be mortal men/women with no *literal* divine parents.

Instead of simply being born divine, I consider them blessed at birth due to the involvement of the Gods within the cosmos(as well as previous lives). As we know, the celestial heavens effects us directly. You’ll once again hear me say “as above, so below”, because it remains a divine law and point of reference.

Allowing that they have literal divine parentage allows for a certain laziness; being born into greatness. We all have free will. We can choose to sail on the boat we road in on, or simply jump in the water and paddle. We can choose to follow a path that is honorable before the gods, or another which offends them.

Demigods are humans who were divinely guided and received large amounts of divine intervention to guide them along. The term “father” or “mother” to which they claim offspring, is eclipsed more-so by the term master or teacher, in whose eyes one can choose to be good or bad.

According to Iamblichean theology, the gods are too high on the chain of being to descend into the realm of generation; their angels and daimons do this, and the sub-lunar gods’ planetary vehicles demonstrate and influence the cyclic events of the cosmos. Because the gods do not descend into the realm of generation, their reproduction with a human is impossible. In his model, Iamblichus would place demi-gods as heroes, who are above purified souls, who are, in turn, above us incarnate souls.

Remember, the gods are immaterial beings who permeate the world that we perceive and understand. Any tale that likens them otherwise is simply a human comparison to a divine law, status, or action. When something is so beyond our understanding, we can only draw similarities to what is around us and leave them for the next generation to glean metaphoric meaning.

Sallustius says that the myths are deep repositories of divine knowledge and that they keep the intelligent from becoming self-satisfied and losing their inquisitive spark. I’m asking you to look further into the myths and find what you’re missing. They are all pieces of a puzzle, and completing it helps us understand and reach ever closer to the divine.

All in one, one within all.
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