Sacred Mathematics

The odd and misunderstood consequence of the loss of religious order is the loss of objective understanding in math. Or we might say causality in culture and the consequences of a misguided telos, as even purely objective and scientific processes are guided by cultural telos, spiritual intent, and genealogical goals. You may think chemistry (alchemy) and geometry (sacred wisdom) are entirely apart from your specific, inherited, ancestral cultural aims, or the driving numinous force of the cosmic heart. But of course we can plainly see today, when hijacked by the drab and whorish trappings of materialism, science quickly becomes a useless, un-innovative plaything of the decadent cultural dissipation-babies. Mathematics is no longer viewed as an objective codex of the divine order in the cosmos, a gift given to man by gods, to construct and husband the workings of earth as an evolutionary guide.

A Euclidian understanding of geometry is fundamental to understanding the world and our place in it. In the past a study of this art was accompanied by associative arts that sound strange to our shabby modern ears: fencing, wrestling, music, sculpture often accompanied this mathematical practice. Our inability to relate abstract or non-corporeal ancestral disciplines with living culture or future-optimism (related to religion) mean the space within human boundaries now degenerates. The order of sacred mathematics is not viewed as it rightly is, and not used as it rightly should be: as a bright, burning spear illuminating the order of the cosmos (while creating it’s own order). Such a power-science is interwoven into all the other arts, not apart from or opposed to them, as happens when one is considered objective work and another subjective ‘expression’.

In order to construct an urban design and an architecture for civilization present and future, a true architect (a master craftsman of science and art in the Vitruvian sense) must be guided by the geometrical order of the heavens, pursuing equilibrium of the Axis Mundi, so that the polis he is responsible for obeys the divine laws, and is beautiful, and expresses cultural confidence and death-awareness. The shapes, the forms, the patterns, the frames, all must be connected to the cosmic order of divinity, as the metaphysical dimension of numerology and geometry generates order and vitality, reflecting the hierarchy of the divine and man, the heavens and earth, the Axis Mundi.

When mathematics is severed from the order of the heavens, man builds within the framework of materialism, entrapping the now lost inhabitants in an unnatural anti-order. Thus the rise of nihilism, not as goal, or a future, or a telos, but as an excuse, a pathetic lie of an explanation for their doomed systems and fear-imprisonment. So that the lost flock cannot see they fashion their own shackles, in the shadow of divided cultural dissipation, where the only remnant science is a functional, logistical, techno-doom.

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