Santa’s Holy War

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule to all our readers past, present and future!

As we partake in traditions to celebrate the solstice, whether it be with the birth of Christ, Saturnalia, Yule, or communal festivity, one thing is certain about this season: the system will be turning it’s nose up at our ancient celebration. The media will not miss any chance to subtly subvert or denigrate our tradition.

In his book ‘Public Opinion’ Walter Lippman details himself witnessing a young farm girl break into tears because a branch fell from a tree and cracked her window. She believed that this event symbolized a coming loss in the family, specifically her father. Of course Walter’s first thought was not a quaint or endearing appreciation, but to immediately leap upon how to exploit this as part of his new corporate-pyschology experiment – known as marketing. 

It should be no surprise that the most subversive, subliminal cultural programming is pushed around this, our most religious time of year. The time when we would historically be huddled together around a fire and telling stories. Today this time is too often commemorated by the family restating system narratives to one another and excluding those with outdated firmware. A quick internet search will reveal that most new films come out around this time of year. 

The miserable Santa Inc. is a perfect example of this, where the commercial degradation of Santa (from hero-to-children, to system approved product-prophet) is no longer useful. Now he can be safely maligned and infringed. 

It should be kept always in our memory that belief resides in the area of the mind most susceptible to trickery, because our condition necessitates faith in something higher than ourselves. System masters are telling us with Santa Inc. that this is where they intend to go. 

Luckily, along with their malicious intent, they grow more incompetent by the day, and can no longer produce seductively entertaining propaganda, or only so for the most gullible fool. They have grown arrogant in their theft and commandeering of cultural tools we innovated, and they are not creatively astute enough to recognize their inadequacy in this regard. Just ignore them, the material structure they have stolen is rotten, and will collapse on top of them.

This holiday season, study ancestral traditions and find an activity you can share with your loved ones. Make sure the mulled wine (gluwein) has oranges in it, in honour of Saint Nicholas. The oranges represent the welfare he bestowed upon the poor and homeless children. 

Happy Holidays Everyone, and yes I mean that in the most subversive way possible.

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