Scorpio Full Moon 27th April 2021 4:31 AM G.M.T

By Holly Hazeltree.

The full moon in Scorpio is one of the most potent in the lunar year and as such is a good one to be worked with, as it usually produces some profound results. This year it will be a pink supermoon – so very powerful, very potent, as the Moon will be closer to the Earth than usual. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are on the cusp of May Day and nature is about to burst into life as we transition into the blossoming phase of the year, and we have the moon, in the sign of sex and fertility, at its fullest power.

Scorpio also represents death and while we are discussing Scorpio, I want to touch on that briefly here. Scorpio is usually portrayed as a force of death, destruction and malevolence. It can have that aspect to it but I think this is due to our preconceptions about death in the West, which in general are limiting and outdated. The death of anything is a natural stage of life, which does not end once spirit passes over. It marks a new and very definite stage – a transformation of energy from one form into another. In this way, death is a healing, it is a release of the burdens of what has gone before and allows new life to occur. This is why Scorpio also rules sex and procreation, because of this transformational quality.

So, the Moon here marks a greening of sorts – new growth is beginning to emerge. Many of the inner planets (Sun, Mercury and Venus) are now in Taurus, and in the 2nd house, so this will be a good time to start putting any plans you had around the start of the year into action and making them concrete and tangible. It’s also a good time to do some sort of energy audit, for want of a better phrase, and do things like have a clear-out, weed out old contacts in your phone, that kind of thing – keep your energies as fresh and focused and in the present moment as possible.

The Moon and Sun make a stressful aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. It is not a strong aspect, so it may not be felt by all. But those who are fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may feel it more than most. This aspect points to a wider issue of many people feeling stressed over money and loss of income. The way to resolve this is, and has been for a while, to begin developing new revenue streams for yourself that are less dependent upon “the system”. This may feel very difficult for some to achieve but it really is the only way forward. We are slowly moving into a new economy, where being online will be more important than ever, and this is really just the beginning of it – so anything you can do to develop your talents and make income out of it is going to be a wise investment going forward.

Neptune is the chart ruler and he is conjunct the ascendant. This denotes ongoing deceptions and manipulations in the media, and just as a general backdrop. It is easy to feel disheartened by this type of placement but the higher level of such a placement as this is that it pushes us to rely less on external sources of truth, which can be manipulated and falsified, and to begin relying again on our own connections with the gods and the ancestors, which are eternal. Obviously, there is a danger of such “information” being inaccurate as well but this is why we need to strengthen our connections with them, to ensure our communications are clear.

There is a strong emphasis in this chart, on many levels, on changing how we present to the external world, not just in terms of income and occupation but how we make decisions. Jupiter is in the house of endings and makes a positive aspect to the midheaven – which represents how we present to the world. For Sagittarians in particular, there may be some endings or unfinished business to deal with this month, but it also suggests that new ways of presenting ourselves to and interacting with our external world are coming and we need to get on board and embrace that.

Finally, Mars is in Cancer in the house of hearth and home. Fiery Martian energy can be a bit tempered down in Cancer but this also echoes the sentiments of the rest of the chart – that this month we are better off turning our attentions inward and focusing on our homes and families, and that this is where we will find the most prosperity and happiness.

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