Space Travel is Promethean Heroism

Space is the current frontier (the final frontier is likely something else). Without a frontier Promethean man stagnates: inwardly discontent, bored and lacking challenge. At the advent of the limits of growth, a coldness sets in, a banality, the icy breath of death. Risk, exploration, and striving to understand the universe has been our guiding light since the self-awareness of philosophy and the learning of written language. Physically travelling to the stars we saw at night would have been the Promethean dream in the twinkling eyes of our ancestors, back before artificial light banished the inspiring night sky. Back before we had a proper conception of what stars were, and under what firmament we existed. If they knew that we had the power to travel beyond the earth, but did not do so out of apathy, they would be truly disgusted, and rightly so.

But now that it is actually possible, we face this crisis of disinterest, of feminine values, of tearing ourselves apart searching for a phantom equality. An interest in exploration, a willingness to risk, or to challenge frontiers, is a strange, quasi-illegal concept in McWorld™. And among those who still retain those values, there remains a subset hostile to the idea of exploring space – because it is expensive, or seems unnecessary, or impossible, or distracting from other problems, or too vast to comprehend. But none of these are good reasons to fail at achieving something. When your priorities get perverted by materialism you loose sight of the possible, or the difficult, in a haze of safety-seeking. The glory of being the spear point in the frontier, beyond the worthy attainment of power and influence, remains the ultimate achievement. The gaining of eternal heroism.

If you aren’t striving for a further shore, for a difficult or even impossible challenge, (simply because it is a challenge) then you have lost an essential aspect of real humanity. Contrary to what critics of space travel believe, you will not become extra-attendant to existing problems, supposedly to be examined, each in turn, under a microscope, to be magically solved in categorical order. You will simply petrify, and your once-reaching shoots and vines will be come the trellis for a later striving creature.

It is best that occidental explorers adopt classical religious symbols regarding invocation to the divine mystery and hidden powers of the cosmos. As such it is recommended that our few remaining heroic technological efforts, such as today’s SpaceX efforts, are appealed to one or more of the following ancestral archetypes:

Abeona Goddess of Outward Journeys.
Adiona the Goddess of Safe Return.
Hermes God of Transitions, Travel, Trade, and Boundaries.
Janus God of new beginnings & transitions, protecting those undertaking a new adventure.
Apollo Who drives the chariot of the sun. great patron saint of sea(space?)faring people.
Artemis  Travelers look to Artemis hoping for fair weather.

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