The Cult of Action & Intensity

I am not afraid of the darkness. Real death is preferable to a life without living.
– Vasco da Gama

You can not fabricate an order upon the fey utopian notions of global safety and peace, and all such efforts are nothing more than an orchestrated mass delusion. Typical of a dishonest elite are the easy mass appeals to compassionate lawmaking, during times of supposed ‘peace’, beneath a canopy of nuclear warheads. This delusion is an ulterior scam to subvert our national virtues, for the preservation of the wicked, via the sentimentalism of the weak. A society which extols (now under penalty of law) mass safety, robs a man the exercise of virtue.

To do the opposite of this is to create a societal foundation of heroic virtues (the true basis of civilization) but this requires honesty and hardiness and effort. As difficult as that sounds to achieve today, this is the normal state of things, historically, and imminently possible, providing The Power does not actively seek the exploitation and eventual destruction of its own flock. Within the global empire of glass and steel, the life of action and intensity is stifled by a couch-potato conformism, sedentary corporate enslavement, and the wide-eyed hysteria of safety-harpies, who fear the reality of death. To them there is no comfort and pleasure in the contemplation of personal death. They are far removed from this spectre, or its reminder, and cower at the thought of its shadow, and in all ways remove it from their minds, hypocritically, as it moves about them freely.

The truth is, it is the intensity of one’s life that matters. And the trembling and fearful are merely lacking the initiatory experience required to face those childish fears, to know death and loss as the flip-side to life and action. Not the lukewarm longevity of a soul, too frightened to look outside, frozen in an iceberg of fear. The soul, like the sword, requires intensity to be transformed into a dangerous weapon, its own force in the world.

It is the life of action and intensity, and only that, which transforms the soul into the flaming sword. Our society subverts this, denies you an education in reality and spiritual becoming, blocks your completeness. The man who lives on the edge, the man who requires action for his natural high, who challenges the inevitable death in exercise of virtue, is vanishing among the youth, as they are raised in incubators by the routine-people. The safety rabbits in their suburbs, who weep crocodile tears for every egalitarian faux-compassion and trivial inconvenience. The man of virtue then becomes the man of mortgage payments, or worse, the podling debt-slave, not even aware of the life of adventure he was meant for, as he fulfills the tedious routine.

The ways of the bourgeois conformist have no inspiration for the mystic, the poet, the painter, the mountaineer, the athlete, the writer, the sailor, the explorer, the musician, the polymath, the warrior. It is a suitable society of rabbits entranced by products, who desire only cheap pleasures and a nominal comfort. Without the spirit of action they will never exercise their potential, or have the courage to pursue higher ideals.

Life should be a thrilling adventure, not a tedious routine.

“Paradise is not rest. Paradise is against rest. In paradise one cannot lie down; one must hold oneself up, like the angels. Very well: we, who have already borne on the road to paradise the lives of the best among us, want a difficult, erect, implacable paradise; a paradise where one can never rest and which has, besides the threshold of the gates, angels with swords.

– Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

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