The Mystery-cult becomes the State-cult

Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”
– Frank Herbert

Egypt, Babylon, Athens, and Rome, all began as archaic mystery cults, dedicated to the hidden world. Their initial impetus was not material, but the cultivation of a reciprocal energy-swap with the unseen forces of the universe. This is how traditionalist societies form, and this is forever their center. This is the root of the tree.

Considering we have long forgotten this archaic understanding of the world, the revival of the mystery cult could only be considered a supreme revolt against modernity. And not only would we support the reviving of one single cult, but a multitude, and not for being oppressed by modernity would we ignore technology, but graft technology onto our ethos, bending it to cult lore which must be adhered to unto death. And many cities and regions would we see flourish, following unique mysteries, and even within them higher and lesser cults in tandem. And in the wake of this might be re-ignited the all-important flourishing of creativity, which the corporate consumer world crushes entirely in its system of crass advertising and ‘marketed’ false freedoms.

Without a religious transformation in society, no state reformation is conceivable. More importantly than that, there can be no forced re-structuring of corporate systems, despite them now only mechanically following dead routes, capillaries on a corpse. A logistical goods-transport-network across a terrain now become a dangerous wasteland, from their own clueless lack of ideals; a moving network of cancerous hyper-material arteries crisscrossing a radioactive zone of dangerous truck stop mutants to deliver a payload of poisonous plastic junk.

This materialism, this lack of devotion to the hidden, is precisely why the revolutions of the past two centuries have become spiritually bankrupt failures.They were too narrowly focused on materialistic concerns. When you all but discard those concerns, then you are devoted to something stronger, stronger than death, stronger than this world. Bend the material concerns to the laws of the mystery, and the greater this dichotomy or paradox, the stronger will be the cult. This is the missing, inquantifiable value to life which is smothered by the Americanized assembly-line worldview.

If revived (in their proper form, as materialist cults exists as we speak) cult members must channel their energies and finances into the institution they would see flourish, about which ritual binds the spirit over genealogical time and geographical difference. New communities, ideologies, rituals, innovation, and strains of creative endeavour will bloom from mystery-religion endeavors which prove to have sufficiently tapped into a hidden-world energy.

Soon we will offer to you, the option to join such a community.

During the ancient days of Egypt, the Pharaoh would be the high priest, the architect, and military general of his mystery cult. Over thousands of years the chief deity of the cult morphed, or at least the names were supplanted, but never did its acolytes succumb to atheism and materialism. And this cult was the kingdom of Egypt. And Pharaoh was the sleeper who had awakened.

“Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams” – Clark Ashton Smith

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