The Esoteric Architect

By Brendan Heard and Iásonas Lupus.

Part of the problem with our dismal modern architecture, apart from the intentionally-ugly values of (Post)Modernism, is that architects do not build with any sense of the sacred. The only thing they hold sacred is the economy, or Mammon, because the style of modern cancer-tecture is the language of modern business, which is simply the superficial veneer of conformism, or complying to the mechanistic values held by a typically un-creative market-observer. That is, seeing architecture as nothing more than a value-product on a metric of monetary exchange, completely apart from matters of human emotion or evolutionary ascension, let alone considerations of the metaphysical.

Our architects (these poor, broken, shackled animals) set out believing they are entering an esteemed aesthetic vocation of high distinction. One of religious significance, one which embodies the mantle of Amenhotep and the monumental stone-circle-makers. But what do these poor wretches actually find they become? They find themselves an immaterial check-mark on a excel list of bureaucratic tokenism, and nothing more. Their design options are chosen for them beforehand, their clients are conglomerate kitchens of fussy, artless, pant-suited witches and boomer psychopaths. They are merely a cog in the unstoppable robot of urbanism; a purely mechanistic, unalterable (unquestionable) money-juggernaut of regulation, Guggenheim-tier art values, and pseudo-humanist civic pandering. These architects do not study the heavens, absorb ancient texts, dwell on creative wellsprings, innovate engineering, or pursue arcane wisdom of any sort. They view the buildings, and the people in them, as predictable units, or walking market equations. Sows to be counted in a stall, itself a prison masquerading as their home.

True architecture is practical, but only as a facet, it is not practical above all, and indeed its practicality is beneath beauty and evolution of beauty on the hierarchy of value. They keys to architecture are wonder and mysticism, its goals must be sacred, as this not only enriches the soul, but turns society’s gaze upward ↑. How can there be architecture without myth, mystery, and romance? How can there be life? A sterile environment is a sterile mind, and city is better off reclaimed by nature, and cracked apart and swallowed by the earth, than to be allowed stand and sprawl upon the blessed garden, a monument to ugliness, a foul and arrogant debasement to Hestia (goddess of architecture, to whom we must beg foriveness). It is evil and oppressive to everyone and every thing. Everyone except the druid of the mammon-cult, who himself lives elsewhere. He who worships $ over all else, and sells you via your own tax money, if needs be, a bill of sale on your slavery, and your future of dread in the shadows of his monstrosities.

It requires parochial wisdom, respect for nature, beauty values, risk, and courage to build upon the arcane wisdom of the ancients. And this requires the revival of the esoteric architect, the disciple of Pharaoh Amenhotep.

Architects should be educated, skillful with the pencil, instructed in geometry, know much history, have followed the philosophers with attention, understand music, have some knowledge of medicine, know the opinions of the jurists, and be acquainted with astronomy and the theory of the heavens
– Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

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