The Feudal Lord of The Future

By Brendan Heard and Jason Lupus.

He that makes himself a sheep shall be eaten by a wolf. – ITALIAN PROVERB

Heart-warmingly false notions of equity and envy-derived civil homology have castrated ancient nations by divorcing them from the essential and historic MASTER-PUPIL CONVENTION. Men of today (while being ironically more slavish than ever) cannot conceive of being devoted to another man they must call MASTER, and more generally cannot conceive even of another man being ‘better’ than them at something (either by talent or experience). There must be, today, a casual jeans-and-t-shirt everyman humility cast gloomily over all groups and stations, so that a child can not be spanked, or an apprentice not scolded. There may technically be a ‘boss’ or ‘jeffe’, but he (more commonly now she) are a kind of blameless system administrator, an ally in corporate equity who smiles at you all day then silently emails you a pink slip afterhours. With no men devoted to masters, no men are devoted to higher spiritual ideals of nature and clan. No men swear allegiance to a feudal master, and fewer still bow down before God.

By pretending an army can run with nothing but privates (or for that matter nothing but generals) a process is enabled which leads to complete dissolution and destruction. There is no feudal master making sweeping, adroit decisions (adroit and final decisions are always preferable, even those which are careless or wrong). And this is a great shame, as final unstoppable decisions and loyalty to the choices from the master force culture and humanity into hard evolutionary choke points, which sharpen the thrusting spear-tip of civilization. A spear under a united guidance, under the flag of the feudal lord. This power of united hierarchy over petty and envious ‘individuality’ creates a vast system of loyalties, based on an economy of honour. A man cannot have order and loyalty without his lord and gods.

The feudal lord views his state as the organic body of his people. Whether he guides it into war, ruin, famine, or abundance, trade wealth, and empire – it is his responsibility. His to lose or advance, and all those souls look upwards to see through his eyes, because NOTHING of any value happens without the final choice reaching an individual soul.

There is talk of a neo-feudalism of businessmen. This is not particularly possible, as they remain typical modern politick-people, and are responsible for little more than their own wealth, and can wage no war, and are responsible only for ‘jobs’. Yet the technological urban dystopia which awaits WILL create a truer neo-feudalist, who will at first emerge from the ranks of street-kings and urban gang activity.

In an ideal future neo-feudalism, after the gang-struggles of wasteland urban citystates, perhaps we might marry powerful technological energies with true archaic values. This might usher in the DESIRED FORMAT: an explorative, religious, Florentine-space-age of warring aristocrats. An unending Promethean struggle, operatic in it’s creative sensory sea of giants, man-made-stars, and risk-laden Olympian goals.

“Morning worship should commence with a show of reverence to one’s lord, parents, the clan deity (ujigami), and guardian Buddha respectively. Giving priority to your master will please your parents, and the gods will surely respond to your applications. Samauri need not think of anything else other than serving their lord. As long as you are brimming with this desire, you will always be aware of him [and his needs]. Moreover, a woman should obey her husband as her master in the same way.”

Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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