The Normie – Not Quite Human

The normies (or as I prefer: normals) exist by having more or less a complete separation between what they ‘do’ and what they ‘say’. It is my theory that to them these are wholly individual and unrelated universes, with one somehow not associated with the other in any recognisable way. What is espoused by the normal does not necessarily relate to his actions or desires. This is not just in terms of political values.

This might be summarised as an inability to understand ‘causality’, a kind of effete aversion to the explanation or underpinning working or origin of things. A wilful superficiality. However I believe it may be deeper, even physiological, and betray a mass psychosis or deficiency at work in the modern mind (or one which has always existed) which betrays a somewhat healthy portion of the population as something not entirely human, by the self-expressed standards of ‘humanity’ that we learn about historically. This great ‘lacking’ I believe would be observable and possible to study and categorise as a syndrome, with the sole perplexing problem being that it affects the majority of people (therefore making those of us more classically ‘human’ the problematic outsiders). Regardless of this, I believe an understanding could be reached about the normie’s condition as similar to that which was discovered regarding the nature of psychopaths – ie: they are not entirely human, but mimic human behaviour. 

These notions are of course entirely a matter of personal life-long observation. 

Normies may live a totally ‘normal’ life, and by that I mean classically normal, and not a life which in practice follows the rules of wokeness or any other social trend. But! If you speak to them! They will not only be vociferous advocates for the ‘current thing’, they will become enraged to see anyone deviating from it. This is where personal doubt has to question that they are in full command of their faculties, and not just parroting power to get along (power supersedes truth, as they say). But if it were simply a matter of obeying power, then even if you are totally alone with them or given any number of opportunities, they might lower their guard and give you a sly wink. But no, this does not happen, as anyone with similar experience knows. They believe this – or I should say, they THINK they believe it. But to believe such a thing can only mean that the truth of it can only be of little consequence, if it’s not actually reflected in your actions, it’s just a tool of small talk (which they live for).  

If it is true that they have always been this way, then they were kept in order previously by a standard of humanity that did not have (as we do today) conflict between espoused thoughts and values.  There was (and remains) a classical human standard which they imitate, exemplified by a previous time when there were more fully human people around, or when fully human people were at least in charge. Everyone either thinks they are thinking critically, or if it is immaterial to them, wants to outwardly signal that they are, regardless.

Some say they ascribe morality to authority, that they believe they are authority because they are the best. But this is obviously childish, and again only speaks to an innate inability, an obsession with ‘perception’, a shallow refusal to go deeper than insinuation and symbolic attachment. Binary, childish notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in what can seem outwardly intelligent people (as psychopaths can seem as well).

Something is missing. Something is lacking.

I noticed from a young age that the average person was not interested in ‘interesting things’ at all, just at being seen as a fan of ‘the current thing’ – I learned to keep your true opinion low in a common social setting. For they fear and loathe an opponent to the social norm. Not just the political outsider, but challenging tastes in music or dress, or ideas without previous repeated example. When they locate an outsider they will rally, and berate, and become quite upset, I expect lest their mass hoodwinking be uncovered…

…that they are faking their way through being fully human.

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