Aquarius full moon – Saturday 24th July 2021 3.36 am GMT

By Holly Hazeltree.

Another very intense and challenging full moon is on the cards, this time in Aquarius. So, for all you Aquas out there, the next few days are an excellent time to reflect on the past year, what has occurred for you, how you have risen to any challenges and, most importantly of all, how you’ve changed and grown as a result.

If you read my article a few months ago on Uranus and Saturn (the modern and traditional rulers of astrology respectively) you’ll see how Aquarius represents genius energy, technology, is future-orientated and – although highly individualistic – likes group endeavours. The Moon, with its watery emotions and intuitions, is not an easy fit in Aquarius and this month is no exception. This month, the Moon is in close proximity but not a strict conjunction with Pluto, so be aware of any strong feelings from the past or crises of confidence you may experience. Remember that any such situations will pass fairly quickly and may bring up insecurities about past relationships. They are arising for a reason, though, as I’ll discuss in a moment.

For the rest of us, the Moon and Pluto make a challenging aspect to the Sun and Mercury. The Moon and Pluto cover the parts of the chart that deal with ‘others’, so significant relationships, contracts as well as an area that can represent illness and injury. In this chart it is representing shadow energy, energy that is coming to the fore in each and every one of us for healing and release. It’s no coincidence that the past few days have seen a worldwide simultaneous effort to make vaccine IDs mandatory in some shape or form. This is the dark energy coming to the fore, the need to be in control of others, to justify any end, as well as where we place our trust in others as opposed to ourselves.

The Sun and Mercury opposite this are in the houses of self and values. We are being called upon to decide just how much our individual needs can be subsumed in the collective. Where are our lines in the sand? How much is enough? This is what we are being asked over the next few days – how much control over our lives are we prepared to take. Obviously, that will be different for each of us.

On the positive side though, we also have an aspect between Venus and Jupiter which suggests that people are fed up with lockdowns. Venus is in Virgo in the house of communication – people are missing their old routines and ways of connecting that brought them expansion (Jupiter) and happiness (Venus).

So, although there is a lot of manipulative energy around with Pluto and the Moon, the most powerful and effective way to negate that is to stop worrying about what may be coming, be in the present moment and have fun. This isn’t to water down what is being threatened but to remind that happiness builds a strong and powerful momentum that is difficult to assail.

To echo this point, there is also a nice trine between Mercury and Neptune which means Cancer and Pisces will be feeling very creative and intuitive right now. If either of you in these signs has any impulses around career change over the next few days, look into it, as you are really tuned in right now. It’s also a good time for all of us to deepen our spiritual practices and sharpen our intuitions. This is a lovely aspect, so make the most of it!

Finally, there is a supportive aspect between Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius. For both these signs, it’s recommended to examine any insecurities or self-doubts and put them to rest. It’s also an opportunity to see if you try to overachieve anywhere in your life and reflect on why that is. Working hard is important but don’t forget to have fun, Aries and Aquarius. Alternatively, if you are an Aries or Aquarius and have resolved your own insecurities/self-doubts, then you may find yourself called on to guide others with self-doubt over the next few months, so please bear that in mind.

In all, don’t give in to fear. Their manipulation energies are at their maximum right now. Stay strong in your beliefs, remember who you are, your life force and have lots of fun. Shadows can seem intimidating but they only have as much power as we allow. I will be back in a about a week for a reading on between now and the autumn equinox.

They will pass fairly quickly,

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