Aries new moon 12th April 2021 3:30PM GMT

By Holly Hazeltree.

Pluto dominates this new moon and is conjunct the chart ascendant. It makes a stressful aspect to the Moon and Sun, so there is a potential to feel as if the current authoritarian fervour sweeping the West will continue to be in control and to dominate. However, from an esoteric perspective such pressure is necessary to elicit much-needed change, however uncomfortable that may be. Pluto is often rightly associated with death but he is closely linked with fertility as well. He is the necessary pruning that has to occur for new, more abundant life to grow. The Pluto pressure occurring now, at the first new moon since the Spring Equinox, gives us an indicator of the seed that wishes to emerge at this time. So, what are the themes of this seed for the year?

Pluto is seemingly in a strong position. He’s in Capricorn, the master of money, generational wealth and earthly power. He is bearing down on the Sun, Moon and Venus, who are clustered together in Aries, in the information and communication part of the chart. There have been a lot of issues with this area in the past 12 months, so we can expect more problems with things like suppression of information that challenges the narrative in any way, censorship and outright lies when it comes to the reporting of events – Pluto will do anything to get his way and can be utterly ruthless and destructive. It is as if Pluto is trying to keep hold of Prosperina/Persephone and is refusing to let her return to the topside world to herald the new growth. But even Hades cannot hold back this turn of the time cycle. We can expect a tumultuous time whilst the crossover occurs this year.

On a more positive note, the way to glide through this tempestuous time is to keep our focus on the very strong positive aspects of this chart. The Sun, Moon and Venus (which I’ll refer to hereafter as the Aries stellium) make some very positive aspects to Mars and Jupiter. The emphasis on all of these aspects is the importance of air. This is very encouraging, as the air element was strongly indicated at the most recent Winter Solstice as being important. We are gradually, but decisively, passing into a new time where ideas and information will form the basis of how we trade in some way, as opposed to our physical labour. We can already see glimmers of this with people making money to greater or lesser extents from online businesses, selling social media content and the rise of cryptocurrency – all of which is just the beginning, to be honest, as this way of trading will only become increasingly mainstream in the coming years. This is also indicated by Saturn making a positive aspect to the North Node, which suggests that working from home and/or being self-employed will become more mainstream. This won’t happen overnight though – so don’t quit your day job just yet. This is just an indication that we are steadily moving in that direction, so begin investing in your ideas for the long-term.

In the short-term, it’s not a good idea to invest in any get-quick-rich schemes this month, or even this year. Neptune makes a difficult aspect to Mars, which denotes a difficulty for action to become reality, or being led off into some sort delusion in some way. This can be a difficult aspect, so just concentrate on long-term goals for this month as a way through.

So, the message from this seed is for us to begin learning how to move like the wind, being light, nimble and innovative. Pluto can be very domineering but even he cannot bury the wind. Allow the soft breeze of spring to blow through your life this month, bringing the pollen of new ideas and information.

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