July New Moon Thursday 28th July 2022 6:54 PM GMT.

This New Moon is in Leo so it is a good time of year to begin to reflect on everything we have created. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are approaching harvest season, with the first harvest, that of the grain due to take place over the next week or so. The other two harvests are the vegetable and root harvest of the autumn equinox and the meat harvest of Lemuria/Samhain/Hallowe’en/Long Nights. So, we are entering into a time of ripening off our projects for this year and consolidating our efforts. It’s a time to reflect on our own personal power, feel satisfaction for all that we’ve achieved this year and consider what we can do differently.

The idea of doing things differently is quite pertinent this New Moon. At present we have that Mars conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus that I spoke about in my last reading. Well, now it’s coming to fruition and will be active over the next fortnight, peaking on the 1st and 2nd. This will be a turbulent transit for many as Mars rules defence and war, and Uranus rules sudden shocks and changes. As these planets are in the earth sign of Taurus we can expect sudden surprises over land, such as earth tremors or movements of land. It can also mean finances are ones to watch as well as concerns over natural resources. It’s not a coincidence that gas prices are skyrocketing at the moment. Expect all countries to batten down the hatches over these kinds of exports and those who are in danger of not having enough to go around this winter, such as most of Western Europe, to have a tough time this coming month.

Adding to this stress, we have Mercury in Leo making a square to this Taurean stellium, so we can expect a lot of hot air or big talk over the next couple of days about financial markets and natural resources (which is the arena in which the real war is being fought – resources, rather than territory), but it will pass by fairly quickly, while the tension caused by Mars and Uranus conjunct will last a while longer.

Fortunately, the negative effects of this transit are mitigated by the fact that Mercury is making a trine to Chiron in Aries, which indicates that despite any difficulties caused by Western leaders and their tall talk, the people will be finding very creative and innovate ways to get by. Chiron trine Mercury knows not only how to make the best of a bad situation but to thrive in spite of it. As this is a fire trine, the creative and daring spirit of Leo and Aries respectively will shine through. Sorry, not sorry, globalists!

Also in Aries we have the Lord Jupiter moving through the sign, charging everyone up with the desire for growth and new beginnings. Jupiter is making a trine to the Sun and Moon conjunct the asteroid Ceres in Leo. Ceres is an asteroid concerned with fertility and agriculture. In Leo, this suggests a focus on children (as Leo represents the child) and the wellbeing of our children is going to be paramount for many this next month. This won’t just be about their physical wellbeing, such as if they have enough to eat (although that will be a concern too) but also that their mental and emotional wellbeing is taken care of. With Jupiter giving Ceres a blast of power, we can expect more parents to become more assertive and outspoken about their concerns for their children in all areas of their lives.

Mercury is also making a wide opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect has almost passed by the time of the New Moon but it will still be at the tail end of being active and is manifesting in the world at large as organisations such as the EU and the WHO wanting to dictate how people should live and have lockdowns, wear masks, etc. Then Saturn in Aquarius is about the formation of a new type of approach, where countries like Russia and India can be paid for exports using their own national currencies. Leo can be very autocratic but a bit of an empty vessel, so expect the noise of these type of agencies to fade away quickly this month, as reality is going to make them increasingly irrelevant.

The last major aspect to discuss this month is Venus in Cancer conjunct Lillith square Chiron in Aries. This indicates that there is going to be an ongoing debate with the Roe vs Wade decision and basically about children, family and marriage in general. The focus this month is on fertility, growth and ensuring a good harvest. This also applies across the generations, as we need to consider how our children are growing. Are they growing healthy and strong, and able to sustain the generations after them? There will lots of questions about this over the next month. There are many factors feeding into this but the deeper meaning behind it is that we don’t live in a way that promotes fertility and potency (female and male issues, respectively) front and centre, like our ancestors did. This issue over barrenness and fallowness will continue in all its forms until we are ready to realise that ensuring the harvest is the point of life on Earth – and adjust the way we live accordingly.

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