New Moon in Virgo -Tuesday 7th September 1:51 am GMT

Time for a new start. Virgo represents the completion of a cycle and the preparation for the next one. It’s a time to pause (but not for long – this is Virgo and they like to be busy) after the heady days of summer and wrap up any loose ends, sweep and tidy up, and begin to prepare for our next turn around the wheel of the year. Harvest is around the corner and that is the watchword for this month – it’s time to bring in our crops and reflect on all these themes as we sink into the long nights.

This year, the need for reflection is more marked than usual as the moon is in the third house, the house of communication and ruled by Virgo’s sister sign of Gemini (Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury). Be cautious about how and what you communicate with others, reflect before you speak and be prudent and mindful about the information that you consume – listen to your own intuition.

Mars is also in the third house opposite Neptune in Pisces. This represents fantasy, self-aggrandisement and exaggeration. There is a chance that very misleading info will be presented and that people react to it recklessly or hopelessly/with fear. As Virgo pertains to health and healing, you can guess what this will be about. Be cautious and don’t believe anything on face value as manipulation will be more outlandish than usual this month.

Mercury is hidden deep in Libra, which is buried at the bottom of the chart. It makes a difficult aspect to Chiron in the 10th, which represents the wounded shadow, as well as health and healing. It looks as if profits and power interests in the health industry will dominate, or will try to, without much thought for who gets in the way. As Chiron is in Aries, this indicates that they will be reckless in their ambition too.

Venus is also in Libra, making a square to Pluto, so justice and order will come under pressure and purging this month. Pluto is in a powerful position and sits just on the cusp of the seventh house, which relates to all contracts, including business deals and marriages. To me, this indicates vaccine passports and suggests a challenging time. But this pressure is necessary to realise how corrupt law and contracts have become – and how one-sided. The deep state is just under the surface, pulling the strings, and will almost become visible this month.

They will attempt to fuel a lot of fears but people must hold strong and communicate with each other, and not be fearful. Saturn, the North Node and Mercury make a lovely air trine which counsels that sober, logical thought is the direction we need to take and to use the law in new and innovative ways, such as falling back on the ancient bedrock of common law, which means that nothing can happen without consent.

Jupiter is in a challenging aspect with Mars and moving into a trine. It’s a spiritual war and we need to let go of what needs to be released as this is the way we grow and move more quickly.

Jupiter trines Venus, which encourages us to look at the bigger picture for what is going on this month. On an esoteric level, we are trying to re-establish harmony and order in our lives after an incredibly long period of manipulation, cruelty and deceit. Many things need to die before we can grow and regain balance.

To help us in this transition, it is worth remembering that Virgo counsels us to remember the small and humdrum things in our lives – the mundane, the trivial, the seemingly unimportant – as that is where real, lasting changes can be made, for good or ill. This month is a great time to review our health, our eating and exercise habits, our daily activities, our sleep patterns, and make corrections. It’s not a time for excess, Virgo stresses attention to detail, caution and humility. Tread patiently and cautiously this month, make a slow and steady path. Pay attention to what happens and examine all the details of what is being presented this month. There will be a lot of reckless gestures made this month but detail is what usually trips up such recklessness. Detail is ruled by Virgo, which also runs the mundane and small – which is us, the little people, in the eyes of those who think they are like the gods. Paying attention to the small things is where our strength lies this month.

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