September Full Moon – Saturday 10th September 10:59am GMT.

This full moon is our Harvest Moon. The Sun and Moon are opposite in the signs of Virgo and Pisces and it’s a very watery, emotional Moon especially as it is conjunct Neptune (the ruler of Pisces). So, this will be an emotional and weepy two weeks and it may be worth looking out for water-related events to transpire over the next fortnight as this aspect will be so strong. The Moon in Pisces is a time of endings and nostalgia as a new cycle is about to begin. On the world stage we’ve seen this play out spectacularly with the passing of The UK’s Queen. The Sun, opposite as always on a Full Moon, forms the apex of a very wide yod (also known as the Finger of God) with Saturn sextile Chiron. Saturn sextile Chiron is quite a harmonious pairing, especially as Saturn is in Aquarius, so although change and disruption are occurring, this suggests that the changes will be quite smooth and even innovative. From a UK perspective, it looks like a positive start for the new King.

Saturn in Aquarius is also square Uranus in Taurus, which is conjunct the North Node. As I’ve discussed previously, this aspect works (as it is between two outer planets) as a backdrop in our lives whilst it is in operation. The square between Aquarius and Taurus, represents a classic battle between how we live now and how we will live in the future and how what we do now will affect the way we live in the future. It explains why we are seeing so much concern about the future in the plethora of ‘green’ movements that have sprung up in the past few years, and why they have become particularly active again over the past month or so as this square has become active again. For us in our everyday lives though it can bring lots of tension, especially for those who are Aquarius or Taurus sun sign. Fortunately, this month, we have Jupiter in Aries on the midpoint of this square, so this reminds us that we are entering into a new cycle of growth. Focusing on this and thinking about where we can grow our lives will help us to navigate our way through this square. It’s quite an apt topic to reflect on as we enter Harvest season.

This month we also have a grand earth trine between the Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This trine underlines the theme of transformation indicated by the Uranus and Saturn square. Obviously, it is a brief trine as the Sun will move off quickly, but the trine between Pluto and Uranus, even though it is a wide trine, will help relieve some of the pressure from the Uranus and Saturn square and make any changes that result smoother and easier to bear. This is a good indication of how Pluto transits can be healing and transformational. An excellent current example of this is how transiting Pluto is sextile the natal Pluto of the new UK King, a perfect illustration of how Pluto transits can usher in power and glory even in the wake of grief and loss.

Venus is also in Virgo, but not conjunct the Sun and is quincuncx Jupiter in Aries. Once again, this highlights how change is afoot on a wider scale, but that there will be some tension in how we live our day to day lives. This indicates that there will be problems with not having enough, inflation is going to continue and put a strain on this year’s harvest. Mercury is also opposite Jupiter, so there is a potential for these difficulties to be underestimated and for governments to be overconfident in their attempts to address these material challenges for people.

Lastly, Uranus conjunct the North Node is sextile the Moon and Neptune. I think this aspect in particular, indicates the passing of The Queen. Uranus in Taurus represents change of the old and familiar, and whatever your own opinion of her, there are not many who can remember life prior to her reign. It is worth pointing out that Uranus and the North Node are conjunct the natal IC (the lowest point of the chart) of the Queen.

For the rest of us, this aspect encourages us to reflect and release the old and to embrace the new with all the turmoil and chaos it can bring. The north node conjunct Uranus, as I’ve said before, shows us that these changes are necessary. As we enter harvest season use this passage of the Sun to consider and celebrate all of your victories this year, reflect on how you can improve for next year. Show gratitude to the gods for your bounty as the end of summer approaches and we prepare to move into our sacred time of the Underworld and dreaming up the new.

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