Mind viruses are more dangerous and contagious than biological viruses. When a mind virus has infected an individual it can destroy conviction, character, fertility, and spiritual maturity. With any decline in mental health comes a decline in physical health. The individual can lose their ability to function as a whole person as surely as the victim of a biological virus. They can lose absolutely any ability to assert their will or to develop their innate potential, for the truly diabolical reason that they no longer see the point. The memetic infection has warped their reasoning power, innately, so that target words and ideas stand as roadblocks between either happiness or accomplishment. They can believe they are being creative when they are being anti-creative. They believe they are autonomous when they are being controlled.

Cultural techno-overlords of various types can create targeted mind-viruses as surely as any military bio-lab corona virus. They invent target words, which themselves contain a viral concept or idea (eg. racism, sexism). A great example would be the creation of the viral ‘fake news’ concept, which was first heard passing the lips of Obama (handed to him from a shadowy agent of memetics inc.). This two word combo is a self-contained and easily spreadable notion which the average person, already heavily infected with memes that limit self-awareness, can apply to any news headlines which upset or contradict existing system propaganda. But people of experience know already that there is no such thing as ‘unbiased news’, every single news outlet or media company in existence operates under its existing presumptions. The values of its ‘owner’. That was the weakness of the ‘fake news’ infection, it was all too easy to turn it back on the meme creator, as appliation of meme ideas among normies is haphazard and chaotic. But perhaps they had accounted for that, as collatoral of an overall effect, as there are certainly countless intellectually-low-immunity people who think any news not from CNN or BBC is ‘fake’.

This is why, whenever possible, you should avoid being around people with victimhood mentalities. People who don’t possess a sense of spiritual vitality are more dangerous to be near than the coronavirus epidemic, since they will try to domesticate your adventurous spirit, try to make you into a tame and pedestrian normie, like the throng you see at shopping centres. They can not bear to see anyone not sharing their ineptitude, that is the workhorse of its viral nature.

Just remember the ‘NPC’ mind virus is more dangerous than the coronavirus epidemic.

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