Winter Solstice Reading – Monday 21st December 10.02 am GMT

Holly Hazeltree

This winter solstice and for the next three months to come the emphasis is on how to use the mind. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and is probably at its most free as well as being content here. There is a great emphasis on how we think and how we manifest. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, growth and luck is COMBUST Saturn. This aspect is auspicious. We stand on a new horizon, a new cosmic day. This day, due to the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in an air sign, shows the tide has turned and will set in trend a motion that will last for hundreds of years.

It is tricky sometimes to discuss the power of manifestation, as much of it has been captured by New Age philosophy. In my own opinion, New Age philosophy is just a rehash, and usually a poor one, of ancient wisdoms at best and downright psyops at the worst. However, the symbolism of the air element and the power of the mind in creating our outer reality is a true one and will become increasingly apparent as we move forward. The key to this is to bear in mind the Hesiod pillar of truth and align ourselves with what we know to be true. The more we practise this, the more adept we become at being able to discern what is true and what is not. This is an important skill to learn as the stream of information that flows through our screens on a daily basis is akin to an open sewer in terms of quality and purity. Knowing when and where to gather your information from will become very important for your freedom and safety.

Jupiter and Saturn have broken away from Pluto, who is left languishing in the 12th house. There is a lot of rage here about money, control of money, and it is all very hidden. I am expecting that the next year will see some sort of financial upheavals. However, the Pluto aspect to Mars indicates that they will work out OK for the ordinary folk. It will be the 1% that find such a restructure difficult.

Pluto makes a harmonious aspect to the Moon, which suggests a lot of hidden and secretive dealings about money, perhaps blackmail and guilt. This aspect will not last long though, and the Mars square will be pressing to make things public.

Venus is very prominent in this chart and is making a case for all the hurts that have been caused – against children in particular. Venus represents justice and fairness in Sagittarius and with Jupiter in Aquarius a vision for a better world for children. Venus is softening the blow of this information for the people, as much of it is truly shocking. But it needs to be acknowledged by the masses in general for justice to be done.

The Neptunian fog that has hung over the astrological landscape all year is now being dissipated as north node Gemini squares Neptune. Now that the Capricorn stellium has broken up and Neptune has moved it will be much easier for Gemini north node to bring clarity and light to geopolitical events, so big changes will come as these blocks that have been holding us back will be clearing.

On a personal level, strengthening the power of the mind is essential from now on. Due to the Jupiter Saturn conjunction crossover from earth to air, our reality will be increasingly dominated by the element of air rather than earth, so learning how to still your mind and align with truth will be so important. Recovering these old instincts are important as they allow our minds to be clear. The deep state has been filling our minds with nonsense (programming) for decades now – obviously longer than that, but the advent of television and cinema really took it to the next level. They have been using us gardens to cultivate our own destruction for a long time now, planting seeds in us of self-loathing and despair and cultivating these noxious mind weeds in which we strangle and eliminate any healthy, nourishing growth by our own hands. We have to stop being their vegetables and begin planting our own seeds, cultivating our own crops and making our lands healthy and strong again. As our wheel turns once more, I wish you and your kin all the blessings and joy of this, our most sacred season.

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