2nd Aquarius full moon – Sunday 22nd August 2021

This full moon is a rare astrological event in that it is the 2nd full moon in the same sign as last month (Aquarius). Known as a seasonal blue moon (the last full moon of the summer, in this case), it is an omen of change and the heavens bringing themselves into order so that next year’s calendar can function properly.

Thankfully, this portentous full moon has some wonderful, positive energy. It’s a fantastic omen for all of us. Even though it may feel like everything is very chaotic right now, this moon signifies harmony, balance, change and only good things to come.

There are two grand trines operating in this chart – one in the air element, one in earth. Trines are harmonious aspects where the planets are in the same element and are generally a favourable aspect. To have one grand trine is a blessing but two is rare indeed. If you are an air or earth sign in particular, this moon will be very fortunate for you, but we can all share in the benefits of this full moon, as it will affect all.

The air trine consists of Venus, Saturn and the North Node all in air houses, doubling the potency of their effects. Air rules communication, ideas, thought, technology and, to a certain extent, commerce. Saturn in Aquarius in the third is bringing changes to how we communicate, the media. Venus is in her home sign of Libra in the 11th, bringing harmony and fairness to our relationships with others. She is supporting groups and communities. How we communicate with others and our relationships in general are going to change. They are going to be a big commodity in the future rather than material possessions.

The earth trine takes place in the earth houses and involves Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Uranus. The trine moves over into air with Pluto as he sits in an air house – this signifies our old ways of working and doing things in the world are being transformed. There is no point lamenting the change as firstly we are not returning to the old way of doing things and secondly the old way of long commutes and never seeing loved ones was no good for us anyway – something better is coming, which I know may be hard to believe right now if you’ve been adversely affected by all the changes of the past year.

Finally, the Sun and Moon make a powerful opposition on the axis mundi of the chart. This indicates that we are reviewing at a deep level, as a collective, what nurtures us, what we need to live safely and securely, and how we want to be out in the world. Jupiter stands next to the Moon, showing us that many of us want to grow and want to develop new ideas of living and working so that we can have more power in our lives.

So, embrace these new ideas, dear ones, that will be coming thick and fast this lunation. Begin working away on any ideas you have as a side hustle, no matter how outlandish or unworkable it may seem right now. This is aquarian energy we are dealing with; it is the energy of the future making itself known in the present. Follow the breadcrumbs your future self has left for your present self to live the life you have always dreamed of.

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