Media Aestas / Lughnasadh / Lammas – Saturday 7th August 2021

Holly Hazeltree

This reading looks ahead to see what the stars have to say from now until the autumn equinox. As such, I will be focusing on the Sun, rather than the Moon, for this reading, as this reading is about the passage of the Sun for the next six weeks.

The Sun is in a weak position. It’s in an area of the chart, along with Mercury, that denotes insecurity, confusion and self-doubt. The Sun is in its ruling sign of Leo, so this shows that lots of us will be feeling fearful and uncertain in many ways. There is a feeling of being in the dark or finding it difficult to know what is going on, and this is because of the weak position of the Sun, which is our creative life force energy.

This is not something to fear, however. The stars pitch up wherever they are meant to be, and this period of time is no exception. All of us are being pushed right now on an individual as well as global level to become more confident, assertive and stand up for our rights. How we do this is the most important thing, as we are going through a lesson in power on all levels.

The Sun makes a difficult aspect to Uranus, which demonstrates there is a tension between wanting to return to the old ways and get ‘back to normal’ and feeling increasingly uncertain and fearful about not only the ways we are being asked to do that, but if we even want to do that at all. Many have enjoyed the slower pace of life and more time at home that has accompanied the lockdowns – not many want to go back to a two-hour commute every day. Despite being more restrictive, life has opened up for many. I suspect this is part of why some people seem so eager to keep them going.

The Sun is opposite Saturn, which presents a challenge. We can expect that over the next six weeks there will be a lot of emphasis on health-related restrictions and technical details. It looks as if doing routine things will be difficult and being as organised as you can NOW about this will help. Saturn, however, makes a harmonious aspect with the North Node meaning that ultimately, as is the way with Saturn, all of this will be for our eventual benefit – even if it doesn’t feel like it. Incidentally, Saturn has moved off its square with Uranus and is going retrograde, which it will until October, so I think until then many of these restrictions et al will remain.

Saturn also makes a harmonious aspect with Chiron, the healer. I have been talking about Chiron for a while now, as he seems to be prominent in every chart at the moment. We are being asked to raise our game, find our assertiveness and personal power and to deal with our old wounds. This may seem irrelevant but it’s not. We are all a microcosm of the gods and their celestial dance. This is something we need to remember.

The good news is that Mars in Virgo is rising in this chart, so endurance and stamina are the watch words. Pace your energy, be strategic and measured in all your actions, and success will follow. Venus, keeper of justice, is also in Virgo and stresses the need to know the law and your rights. At the moment, this is where the power lies and we have more power than we think at the moment, legally. We need to exercise these ancient powers as they are under attack and we are being called to defend them, or not, going forward. We need to decide. Many of our ancestors fought in one way or another over generations to establish the rights we are so ignorant of today. We owe it to them and their memory to protect their legacy for those who come after us.

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