Aquarius New Moon 11th February 2021 7:50PM G.M.T

By Holly Hazeltree.

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This new moon there are six planets in Aquarius. This energy, by definition, can be wild and unpredictable, so expecting the unexpected (Uranus rules sudden shocks) will be wise this month.

This new moon also sees an intense couple of squares between Uranus and Saturn, as well as a more fleeting one between Mars and Mercury. So, let’s examine the potential meanings of those, and what can be done to alleviate the tensions they may bring.

Firstly, the Uranus/Saturn square. This is the first of three such squares this year. For more information on the way these two planets work together, please see my latest article about Uranus and Saturn. Squares can bring a lot of pressure and tension, but it is this pressure, although often uncomfortable, that enables us to resolve difficult situations in our lives/change our responses to them. This square is no different, although due to the nature of the planets (outer planets with a slower transit) their effects can be felt for longer.

This first square indicates that our lives and the way we see the world, collectively, will be shaken up in some way. On a positive level, it could be some sort of scientific breakthrough or discovery of some new technology that will all be beneficial to us all. Whatever form this takes, the shaking that accompanies it is necessary. There is lots of 5th house activity this month. Whatever is being shaken up is occurring so that a rejuvenation or recreation can occur, but the dross has to be released first.

The second square is between Mars and Mercury, and although a brief transit due to the nature of Mercury, it also has the potential to be an intense flashpoint. This is compounded by the fact that Mercury is retrograde at the moment (which means travelling backwards) and will not go direct until the tail-end of the month. In the US specifically, this will probably mean underhand dealings in terms of how things are reported in the press, which will make people angry. I know you may be thinking “That’s no different to any other time!”, which is true, but this month expect it to be particularly egregious, if that is possible at this juncture. (This is also indicated by the placement of Neptune in the area of the chart that deals with justice, so be very discerning about your sources of information.) Mercury also stresses details, so give them some extra attention this month. This is prudent during a Mercury retrograde period anyway, as often details can be a snag during this period, but this potential is increased during this month due to the placement of the Sun and the Moon in the chart. On an esoteric level, Mercury retrograde is a good time to spend more time either in spiritual practice or paying attention to what messages you are telling yourself or receiving from the world around you. So, there are some stressful aspects around this month, but also lots of information on how to deal with them too. The Sun and the Moon are stressing the need to focus on mental health this month, and if the pressure around you gets too much to handle, focus on everyday routines to mitigate it, pay particular attention to your body and how your physical routines affect your wellbeing. Good sleep, food, exercise and being out in nature will pay dividends this month. Focusing on mundane, everyday activities is a good way to stay grounded and centred this month when there is so much mental pressure around, especially if you have strong Aquarian aspects (such as Sun, Moon or Rising Aquarius in your chart). Nurture and soothe your nervous system as much as possible this month and you will find that the more positive aspects of Aquarius, such as flashes of inspiration, revelation and touches of genius will be much more likely to come your way. Uranus is a wonderful and powerful energy but it is often seen as destructive (which it can be) because we do not really discuss death and rejuvenation very well in our secular society. This rejuvenation energy is part of life and is a great gift to us from the gods. As we move into the age of Aquarius, we all need to get better at learning how to handle this energy in the years to come.

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