Saturn and Uranus: Order out of Chaos

There are many ways to interpret this infamous refrain, with its connotations of freemasonry and authoritarianism. It is not my intention to downplay the peril in those intentions but I wish to explore the true meaning behind why this powerful saying has been hijacked, what it means astrologically, and how, in understanding it’s meaning, we can use it to our advantage. To explore this topic, I’ll be using the film Back to the Future as a way of demonstrating those energies.

‘Order out of chaos’ is a powerful and potent dichotomy that represents Saturn and Uranus respectively. Order is a good word to encapsulate Saturnian energy with its implications of linear time, tradition, stability and constancy. Although these concepts are experiencing a renaissance on some parts of the current political thinking, such ideas are not generally popular in the mainstream today, dominated as it is by its increasing as well as incessant demands for the abolition of those things (I will discuss why that is the case later). However, it goes without saying that a certain amount of tradition and routine is not only necessary, but extremely beneficial for most groups as ordinary, everyday time is experienced by most of us in a linear way, so it makes sense to have a corresponding structure which gives folks a certain amount of rhythm and cycle to their days and years. As far as Saturn is concerned, this structure refers to ages of development, so childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood, and old age, with the corresponding events that accompany them such as learning to drive, getting your first job, first house, marriage, parenthood, etc. These events are all ruled by Saturn and such tradition is the very framework that people weave their lives on, even if they don’t participate in some of the stages – not everyone becomes a parent, for example. Such societal norms, in any culture, provide form and a sense of what is expected of the individual by the group they lives among. Such expectations, even if not adhered to, are important for our growth and development – even if one rails against the norms of any given society, that in and of itself is a step on the path to growth and maturity (which, as you may expect, is ruled by Saturn).

Chaos is a good summation of the Uranian force. It is tempestuous, revolutionary, genius and, most importantly for what we are discussing here, rejuvenating. It is highly individualistic and represents the individual once the conventions and expectations of societal norms have been removed and/or stripped back. When well-harnessed it is a marvellous magnesium flash of power and sheer brilliance that can enlighten, reveal and stimulate rapid growth and development. When mishandled or misused it can be destructive and devastating – like lightning.

In fact, it is a metaphor involving lightning that most illustrates to me these two forces working together. The 1985 film Back to the Future is an archetypal depiction of the struggle between and eventual triumph of Saturnian order and Uranian chaos. In the ancient world both Saturn and Uranus had a hand to play in the passage of time. Saturn, the younger of the two, represented order and linear time, with his 30-year orbit he rules the passage of time from one generation to the next. Uranus, Saturn’s father, represented chaos, or what I think is more accurately described as time outside of linear time. In the film, Saturn is represented by Marty McFly, who lives a stereotypical 1980s suburban American high-school kid’s life, taken up with the usual teenage concerns about school, the dysfunctional relationships in his family, his burgeoning relationship with his girlfriend, and his dreams about being a rock star on a par with Eddie Van Halen. So far, so 1980s. Marty’s closest, and seemingly only, friend is renegade inventor Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, who is easily three times Marty’s senior. It is implied that Doc comes from a more gentrified family than the very conventional Marty and lives in a dilapidated mansion on the edge of town. Doc personifies Uranus due to his elder status, his wild features and outlandish gestures. He is chaotic, inventive and not afraid to play fast and loose with the law to get results. Doc ropes Marty into an experiment where he uses his DeLorean car, with a gadget Doc invented called a flux capacitor attached to it, to get the car to time travel. A car is a very Saturnian object, but a DeLorean, with its – for the 1980s – futuristic appearance is about as Aquarian as a car can get. And what does Doc use initially to power the DeLorean with – that’s right, URANIUM.

So, at this point in the film we have our first taste of a Saturn and Uranus encounter. It is the ensuing chaos of this supposedly random event that drives the rest of the story. Marty’s goal after being inadvertently trapped in the past suddenly switches from attempting to return home to securing his existence after his appearance in the past puts his own future existence in doubt. (At this point it is worth mentioning that this Saturn vs Uranus motif is not confined to Back to the Future, it can be seen in many other Hollywood films such as The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Nanny McPhee. In all of these films the old order is turned upside down and rejuvenated in the process. Back to the Future is the best example of this conflict though, in my opinion, as the archetypes of both planets are so clearly defined) Marty’s subsequent journey to return to his ‘time’ involves him befriending his own father and acting as a matchmaker for his parents so that his old order is ‘resumed’. This is the main plot of the rest of the film.

The climax scene of the film, where Marty returns to his own time is laden with Saturn/Uranus symbolism which has been established carefully throughout the story. It is the night of the great storm where lightning strikes the town hall clock, which 30 years later, in Marty’s time, is still frozen (remember how I said earlier that a Saturn cycle is about 30 years long?). The Town Hall, representing political power and order with its clock tower denoting linear time are both symbols of Saturn. We know in the film that the clock becomes frozen, which suggests new life needs to be breathed into the town, and this is what happens – but only after the usual Uranian chaos comes to get everyone on the right timeline first.

So, Marty’s Saturnian need to get back home, restore order, and re-establish his place in linear time (the year 1985) coupled with Doc’s Uranian genius, devise a way to do this. This scene, where the lightning is funnelled into the DeLorean, perfectly illustrates how, if we have a flexible but steady enough Saturn (represented by Marty and the DeLorean) we do not have to be paralysed, blown off course or blindsided when Uranus (represented by Doc and the lightning) comes a-knocking, which he inevitably will. And in this regard, Marty dons the mask of Uranus himself in regards to his influence on his parents and those around him in the past, in the way he encourages his father to write science fiction and his guitar playing at the school dance stuns and challenges them with a style from the near future that they have no frame of reference for. When Marty ‘returns’ to his own time, he finds that – due to his influence – his family situation much improved. His Dad has become a science fiction author (science fiction is ruled by Uranus), his parents are now happily married and his brother and sister are successful and confident. The whole family, despite living in the same house, are prosperous. So, a new order has been established, a new timeline, a better one, which is what Uranus seeks to do. Uranus is an acceleration of evolution designed to propel us forward and to ultimately improve our lives. Whether we do that in an easy way or challenging way is our call, but it will also seek to overturn the existence of anything that is staid and dull. That is what it does.

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I hope this lengthy analogy explains why order does indeed comes out of chaos. It is the natural order of things. Whatever ‘order’ we impose upon our lives, it will ultimately be turned upside down and inside out if we are not living on our true course. As we move into the age of Aquarius, this will become even more apparent as this energy will provide the backdrop for all of experiences for the next couple of thousand years. It is wise not to be dismissive about Uranian energy, it is a powerful tool and it can go through your life like a hurricane and be just as devastating. It is that powerful, and not to be regarded lightly or flippantly. The great god of time outside of linear time should be treated with the upmost respect.

So, why the Back to the Future review? Well, the reason why this is important is because this up-and-coming cycle of growth, solidification and rejuvenation is already being used against us, in my opinion, and it is being used to facilitate our own destruction.

There is some argument to be had that such a method plays into an even bigger cycle of rejuvenation, but that is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say, that it is of no surprise that this saying Order out of Chaos, or Ordo ab Chao, has become so well-known during the past few years, as it summarizes the attempts to capture the energies in play by the deep state and their minions as we transition out of one age and into another. I am going to outline how they do that, from my perspective.

Basically, a very effective way, but by no means failsafe, to harness this energy is to control the vessel, the Saturn aspects, what exists in the real world. If you can control the vessel you can shape the energy into empowering and amplifying anything you want. Remember, without the lightning, the Uranium and the flux capacitor, all talismans of Uranus, the DeLorean was just a car, but infused with those things, the DeLorean was a time machine. It was the Uranian fuel, the Uranium or lightning, that effected its transformation, but you have to have a vessel to change in the first place, otherwise the Uranium/lightning is just a corrosive substance or something that is spent into the ground and destroys what it touches. This gives us a clue – having a vessel is crucial. There must be something that exists that needs to be rejuvenated.

So, the elites have taken over the vessels, in this instance the institutions, and used them with Uranus’s modernizing tendency to firehose society to destruction. Absolutely every single institution in the West today has been rinsed through with this toxic sludge of communism and all its offshoots – feminism, atheism and, most recently, identity politics and intersectionalism. They have been used not to reinvigorate our institutions such as Education, Law, Media, the Arts, Science etc, but to destroy and cripple them. The fragmentation inherent in identity politics is akin to smashing these institutions to smithereens. They are fractured, weakened and in many cases utterly broken and/or rotten. I would strongly argue that knowing the age of Aquarius was on the horizon, the elites have taken full advantage of using the Uranian forces gathering in the ether to ensure they dominate and control the next 2,000 years. This is why all the identity politics movements, every man jack of them, are funded by billionaires and mega-corps somewhere along the line. Those who support these ideologies are carrying water for the elites and their agendas whether they are aware of it or not. Rejuvenating these institutions or creating them anew, as best we can, is going to be a worthy endeavour in the coming years.

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Getting to know and beginning to work with the cycles of Uranus is a wise move. Presently, Uranus is in Taurus, which traditionally denotes a shake-up of our financial systems. Currently, the goings on between Wall Street and Reddit over crypto and stocks is exactly what I would expect from such volatile energy. Obviously, there are lots of reasons for both of these things, but we will see a real shake-up in how our current financial systems operate over the next seven years, so familiarising yourself with the workings of crypto-currency is a good idea as it seems to be the way that this restructuring is currently happening in the world.

As we stand on the precipice of the age of Aquarius, these energies are already being used by the elites to capture this very potent and powerful time. This should give you an idea of why the recent US general election was so hotly contested. It was over who controls the reins of power as we move into this new cycle, in order to control the entire cycle.

So far, we have covered what the Saturn and Uranus energies are, how they work within the collective and why they are so important at this time. So now we need to know how we can begin working with this marvellous rejuvenation power on a personal level. I highly recommend doing this, as Uranus is such a potent force that if you don’t use it, it may eventually use you (A classic example of this is the midlife crisis experienced around the age of 40 because Uranus is opposite its natal position at this time), or worse still, be used against you by those who know how to use it, like the elites do. Cultivating a relationship with Uranus is very important and finding out where it sits in your chart is also prudent, as this will give you a basic idea of your own personal sphere of influence and genius during this incarnation, where Uranus has left his mark on you ( is a great site for more info on how to generate a chart and is very user friendly – you don’t even need to have an account). It often corresponds, whether you are aware of it or not, to some sort of inherited gift from your ancestors, as this is who Uranus as the elder represents. This genius, or ultimate individual expression, is then used to benefit and rejuvenate the whole tribe. That’s how this works, the extreme individualism inherent in Uranus ultimately benefits the whole and it is the birth-right of each and every one of us to utilise this to the best of our abilities. Obviously, this is a very basic and general guide as your personal Uranus influence depends upon your chart. It is a good idea to find out where Saturn is in your chart too, and to begin to work with those long cycles for accomplishing your material goals in this lifetime.

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As Uranus has such a long orbit, it is a GENERATIONAL planet, meaning that the sign it is in in your chart will be true for a large cohort all at once. How it interacts with other planets in your chart (called aspects) and where it is placed (houses) will give you more information as to how this energy works for you individually. The sign your Uranus is in is a generational signature of sorts, which shows the purpose of your generational cohort, what you are here to do as a collective. This is one reason why Uranus, despite being highly individualistic, also rules groups, because the sign Uranus is in is a sort of generational energy signature. Your chart will give you more information as to any challenges you have around this area. This energy signature is important as it helps create culture.

Now, this is important because the elites – who study and use astrology extensively – use these planetary transits and know the upcoming energy patterns, and with that direct the course of events which we are constantly responding to. An example of this is the identity politics that has taken root in the past five or six years while Uranus was transiting Aries. Aries rules the ego self, passion, and is ruled by Mars. They also know that the cohort coming of age at this time (i.e., experiencing its first Uranus square, as well as Saturn third square) is Uranus in Capricorn. They know that if they can direct events at the time when youthful energy is at its height and capture it, it is easier to lead it during future significant transits, so the Uranus in Capricorn transit is about restructuring reality. They knew that those coming of age around 2010 would be driven to change laws and business practices and, in particular, institutions to their own ideal. So, we saw cancel culture driven by institutions, business practices forced to conform to identity politics norms and all willingly supported by our young people, who because of this placement (Capricorn) have a natural resonance with institutions and conformity. They use this knowledge against us. It also explains why the trad scene took off on the right, too, as others sought to use the energy in a quest to better themselves and save the West. Now that Uranus has moved into Taurus, we have the Uranus in Aquarius cohort coming of age. On the right, expect wanting to become rich via independent means/entrepreneurship and/or crypto trading to become increasingly popular. In general, there will be pressure from the young for financial restructure in a way that will be beneficial to all – hence the so-called “Great Reset”.

I hope this long meander through the halls of Saturn and Uranus has given some insight into why knowing about these cycles is important, and I hope it explains why the Back to the Future analogy was necessary, as it explains so perfectly the potential interaction between these two planets. We are living through a critical time and one where significant moves have been made to control yet another epoch before it’s barely begun. Being aware of these cycles and our own power within them will go a long way to mitigate their control of them and allow us to have more creative and prosperous lives as a result.

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2 thoughts on “Saturn and Uranus: Order out of Chaos

  1. “carrying water for the elites”. I wonder if the use of that phrase was deliberate. It is the image of the water-bearer, and sheds some light on why Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn. Very insightful analysis. Thank you. I’ve long been aware of how Uranus functions in my own chart, but this fine-tunes it in a way which hadn’t occurred to me but which makes sense. This whole analysis makes a lot of sense. It’s pretty calming in a way, to have a big-picture view of the events of the day, and in my own case to realize that the “force” (Uranus) which I exercise within a very traditional “form” (vessel, Saturn, my organization) is not merely idiosyncratic but is in fact purposively rejuvenating for that organization. (There is a collective side to this as well, since I don’t work in isolation. The entwinement here is fascinating.)

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