Virgo Full Moon 27th February 2021 08:17 am G.M.T 

By Holly Hazeltree.

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This full moon, the dwarf planet Eris is conjunct the ascendant. In ancient Rome, Eris was also known as Discordia, for her ability to stir up trouble and strife in the world. She was famous in Greek myth for throwing her golden apple addressed “To the fairest” at the feet of Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, leading to the Judgement of Paris and the Trojan War as per the Iliad. However, Hesiod has a more favourable interpretation of Eris, in that her penchant for causing trouble stirs up men to take action. I think it would be wise to keep both interpretations in mind this full moon, as both aspects will be activated, and how we use them is up to us. It looks as if the deep state has thrown Eris’s Golden Apple of Discord into the Middle East, its favourite theatre of conflict, hoping that this seed of strife will yet again take root, with not only Syria but also Saudi Arabia back in the news as well. As an aside, the deep state loves to play war games around this time of year, as either the Sun or Mars goes into Aries. I believe it has started a bit early this year as Eris (who is often described as a female aspect of Ares) is so influential.

The earth element is very active during this time, because due to the Aries ascendant all the signs are in their own houses, doubling their power, and there is a lot of emphasis on the earth signs this lunation, including a powerful but pleasant aspect between Pluto and Mars. On the world stage, this can be interpreted as some sort of dramatic financial change. However, it’s worth remembering that earth signs rule all aspects of physicality, so making health changes or shaking up your routines will be easier to do around this time.

In general, becoming more mindful of our physical choices, what we eat, what we buy etc are being thrust into the spotlight this month. It is up to each and every one of us to choose what we put into our bodies and educate ourselves around such choices. Exercising the full range of our autonomy over our physical lives is very important at this time.

There is a lot of activity in the 11th house in this moon. There are some lovely, supportive aspects occurring from here, such as Jupiter and Mercury trining the North Node. This indicates getting your knowledge and information from friends and trusted sources is to be advised, as is building networks with like-minded people in general. There is also a lot of activity between the 1st and 11th houses, so this suggests finding a balance between individualism and the collective is important. Finding like-minded folk will be an important resource for the individual, as I suspect that rather than use overtly authoritarian methods to enforce things like lockdown compliance or vaccine take-up, there will be more of a social pressure. It looks as if the usual attempts to confuse or cover up information will be occurring as the Sun in Pisces is in the 12th house, signifying secrets and cover-ups.

The star to follow during this lunation is our lovely Virgo moon, who sits alone in the chart. She sits astride the 5th and 6th houses, so her message is to focus on necessary luxuries. Indulge yourself this month and allow yourself to receive treats that will pleasure the body and soothe the mind. As this is Virgo, who is very health-conscious, I don’t mean blowing money on coke and hookers, but more massage, hot baths, saunas and things that promote health whilst feeling good. Also indicted is being creative in a practical way, so jobs around the home, gardening and craft projects. Concentrate on the small things in your life this month, the things you have power over, stay grounded and centred – focus on your life and let the demands of the collective pass you by.

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