Pisces New Moon 13th March 2021 10:21 GMT

By Holly Hazeltree.

We are on the cusp of change. This new moon is the last before the Spring Equinox. The full moon after that represents the beginning of the Spring festivals, in the Classical tradition this would be the City Dionysia, shortly followed by Veneralia – dedicated to Venus (the full moon that marks this month is often a Libra full moon – ruled by Venus).

This is not the time to be active in the outside world, there is a strong Pisces stellium at the top of this chart, that also includes Neptune, Pisces ruler. Neptune likes to dissolve and evaporate that which has gone before. This stellium makes a good aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a good time of year to have a clear out, do a detox and feel more balanced. At present many people are feeling uncertain and insecure over their finances and resources, so taking control of your physical environment as much as possible, as well as letting go of what you don’t really need will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year,

Saturn and Jupiter are both in strong positions in Aquarius. Both these planets do well in this expansive and intelligent sign, and they make supportive aspects to Mars and the North Node respectively. This indicates that using, as well as navigating information and technology will be an increasingly useful skill this year. It is time to sharpen up our intuition and use that as our main tool in sifting information. Another facet of this aspect is taking a different approach to how we make and use money. Last year I spoke a lot about alternative forms of making money coming to the fore during lockdown, this was strongly indicated and that it would involve new forms of technology. Well, during lockdown, we have seen the explosion of people researching and investing in cryptocurrencies and using them as an alternative revenue stream. Now, disclaimer, I am not offering any financial advice of any kind, I am just relaying what I can see astrologically. I’m not telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their money. It does look as if these kind of new forms of money will be the direction we are going in, in the future, so do with that what you will. The Saturn square to Uranus indicates what we value is really going to change this year. Networks, information and intuition are where it’s at. Obviously, this is a

General reading, so your individual circumstances can only be determined by your birth chart, but the more you transition towards this kind of outlook towards life this year, the easier, on the whole, it will probably be for you.

I will be back in just over a week with a reading for the Spring Equinox.

Think about what seed you wish to plant at this time. What you wish to grow for the coming year. What do you need to let go of. Get your spirituality straight.

About dissolving, letting go. Let everything empty out. That is the seed for this month so that come the full moon in Libra we can have things in balance

Jupiter trine North node. Potential for growth

Mars trine Saturn Wisdom and learning

Juno – demands for freedom for women.

Suppression of information

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