August New Moon Saturday 27th August 2022, 09:17 AM.

The new moon in Virgo marks the time we have to take our eyes away from the relaxed days of summer and begin paying attention to our preparations for winter. We can see how such concerns are playing out in the collective. For instance, in the UK we are facing energy price hikes that will be very difficult for many to manage. It’s a time to start gathering resources and battening down the hatches for the winter ahead. Obviously, we’re not at the battening down stage yet, but it’s time to prepare.

This month, Mars makes a very tight square to the Sun and Moon from Gemini, which adds an added urgency to such preparations. There will be a lot mental stress around this month, as well as emotional turmoil, as people are going to think that they can’t defend their homes. Basically, it will feel to many that their harvest, their ability to survive the winter, is under attack – which it is. It’s also interesting that Mars is in Gemini, which denotes that there will be difficult and aggressive conflicts within the mainstream media and on social media. Fortunately, most of the tension will manifest online but we could see a more strident approach by governments to censor what people are saying even further than they are already. Mars can be utterly ruthless once it gets going and seeks to defend its territory, whatever that may be. This applies to governments and corporations as well as people.

We also have a fixed T-square between Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus, Venus in Leo (conjunct the asteroid Ceres) and Saturn in Aquarius (conjunct the asteroid Vesta). Fixed squares are always very stubborn and the most difficult to resolve, as fixed energy is the most resistant to change out of all the qualities. I spoke a while back about how the Saturn and Uranus T-square would come back to the fore at the end of the year – well, that time is now upon us. Saturn/Uranus squares are often regarded as difficult by many astrologers, and they are, but it is worth pointing out that they happen every 14 years, so we have to learn to live with them. They are not necessarily bad, but they do tend to upend the status quo in our lives in some way, in order to reinvigorate it and keep things fresh – this is what Uranus does. It’s a necessary process and it has similarities with a transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn, which also happens once every 14 years, as it can have the same feel of restriction and the simultaneous yearning to break free. Saturn is opposite Venus in Leo, so this gives us the ability to see where this cosmic drama is playing out. Venus is conjunct the asteroid Ceres, the grain goddess, who represents motherhood, abundance and having the resources (emotionally as well as physically/materially) to care for offspring. Once again, this ties into the Sun/Moon and Mars square in that many are feeling the threat to their financial security and are unsure how to cope. Venus in Leo is very warm, generous and loving. Conjunct Ceres, the maternal expression of this warmth is highlighted. I think this month we are going to see not only more pressure on motherhood and education, especially from the trans lobby, but I think we’ll also see another wave of Extinction Rebellion-type protests and/or governments doubling down on the green agenda. The fanatical zeal of the green agenda, whoever is ultimately pushing it, fits in very well with the Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius often has a crusading energy and is often dogmatic in its progressive zeal. Uranus in Taurus shows desires to change how we use the land, how we use money and what we value. Venus in Leo represents the concern for children in particular under such tough conditions – and I’m not talking about materially. The crusading zeal of the progressive movement in all its forms is starting to really worry many mothers. Venus makes a trine to Chiron, which is an interesting aspect in all this chaos, as while it suggests wounding and concern regarding the maternal aspects I spoke about, it also suggests that we are beginning to confront and acknowledge this issue so that healing and resolution can begin.

This is also reflected in other aspects in this chart. To find the resolution of a T-square we always examine the missing ‘leg’. In this case, it’s in Scorpio. There are currently no planets in Scorpio but Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, makes a trine to Mars and Mercury in Libra. This trine – not quite a grand air trine, as Pluto is still in late Capricorn – helps to resolve many of the strong emotions around this month. The only way to navigate such turbulent times is to use the air qualities of logic, balance, and clear headedness. Mercury in Libra suggests lots of legal resistance to oppressive agendas and difficult questions being asked about finances, banking and the net zero agenda. Libra is also ruled by Venus, which as we know is in Leo this month, so this stirring of the divine feminine, the lioness, even though the Sun has moved into Virgo will be very present this month.

Finally, Pluto is sextile Neptune in Pisces and trine Uranus in Taurus. Pluto represents death and transformation, and Neptune dreams and ideals. Uranus is a force of reinvigoration. When these forces come together, change occurs on a very deep level. As I often state, these changes we are undergoing can be very difficult and challenging but, ultimately, they are a necessary pressure that is pushing us to evolve.

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