Autumn Equinox Friday 23rd September 1:04 AM GMT

There is an old anonymous poem from approximately the 13th century about the coming of autumn called ‘Mirie it is while sumer ylast.’ In this poem is the line ‘Now nigheth the wind’s blast, and weather strong’ and this line encapsulates the essence of this quarter. This autumn is full of exuberant and vigorous energy and may very well blow you over if you’re not careful. However, it will be easier to keep your feet on the ground after reading about where these blusts and gales are most likely to gather.

Firstly, this chart is dominated by a splendid kite formation. This is an auspicious aspect and it has roughly the opposite type of energy to a grand cross, where four planets square each other and duke it out for supremacy. With a kite, we have the same number of planets, four, which represents stability and rootedness (which is what makes the cross so difficult to deal with). However, due to the pattern that they make – a trine with a sextile ‘on top’ – the energy is much more free-flowing and harmonious than the cross but is still just as grounded. The only difficulty with the kite is that the energy is so harmonious it can be very easily taken for granted and its benefits ignored or played down. This is helpful as we’ve got some heavy-duty oppositions and squares this quarter, as well as a yod, so the kite will be the one to go out and fly in the breezy autumnal weather.

This kite is made up of Pluto in Capricorn trining Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces sextile both. Pluto and Uranus both trine a very late Virgo/early Libra stellium consisting of Venus and the Sun in late Virgo and Mercury at zero degrees Libra. Despite the doom and gloom reported in the media, this is very encouraging. Uranus and Pluto are in earth signs and are indicative of long-term, long-ranging change as to how we make money, work, produce food, ensure our legacies and what our everyday routines will be. This is most likely to be experienced through the prism of health as the personal planets in this aspect (Sun, Venus and Mercury) are hovering around Virgo. There will be increased attention to how we use our body, what we eat, and getting back into a balance this quarter. People are going to want to be getting into, growing their own food, cooperating with others regarding food, such as growing collectives, using natural remedies and making money out of these. These industries are more than likely going to receive a financial boost this autumn. As the north node is involved in this kite, this is the direction the cosmos indicates would be most beneficial for us to travel. I know many of those reading this will be sympathetic to these sorts of ideas already but expect this type of thinking to become even more mainstream. It will become not the norm, necessarily, but be growing closer to it. Going back to basics, good habits with sleep, diet and exercise will become an interest to many this coming season.

In this kite, the most difficult aspect is Venus opposite Neptune. Neptune is a tricky planet as when it is positively aspected it adds a dimension of bliss, ecstasy, reverence for beauty, reverence for the divine in all forms and is the kind of energy you would expect from some sort of major spiritual or religious experience. It marks a profound change of perception and the wisdom that normally follows that. It can be exceptionally beautiful. When it’s negatively aspected it represents deceit, trickery, lying, manipulation, etc. As we have an opposition running through this kite, as we do in all our kites, this is what we have to watch out for – deception of our values, as things will be hidden from us during this quarter, make no mistake. The only way around this is to focus on what we can control. Virgo sensibility is the perfect antidote to Piscean fantasy. By this, I mean those good habits of eating well, sleeping well – getting yourself in order, in short – will help neutralise this aspect. There could well be an assault by stealth on what we value this quarter, as well as our financial stability, our harvest. This could mean bank manipulations with regards to saving and assets, or a more direct attack on food stocks. The real reason for such attacks will be hidden and it will be difficult to ascertain what is going on behind the curtain. The best way to dispel such energy is to embrace the opposite, in this case Virgo. Listen to your body, take note of any horse-sense types of impressions you get about anyone or anything in your life. Get organized and keep on top of the smooth-running order of your affairs as much as possible, down to good sleep and nutrition etc. Staying grounded in the everyday, humble routines of life is what will keep you steady this autumn.

The other opposition is Jupiter opposite the Sun, so we can expect some sort of runaway growth which will be difficult to contend with. In the West this will take the form of increased inflation, increased immigration and increased conflict and tensions across the whole world. The Sun on the cusp of Libra is weak, whereas Jupiter in Aries is strong, so we can expect to see these flare-ups of violence for the rest of the year.

Uranus is square Saturn and, as I’ve said in previous readings, this will rumble on for the rest of the year and basically be a fight over what type of changes will ensue going forward. This square is the backdrop to the kite aspect this quarter. Change is inevitable. Moreover, the Jupiter/Sun opposition is on the midpoint of the Uranus/Saturn square, so this opposition between Jupiter and Venus is a mirror image of what is going on between Uranus square Saturn. This push for change will be amplified this quarter as Jupiter is exacerbating this tension and bringing it to the fore. The tension is between what type of change we have, whether it is self-directed or whether remote, shadowy bodies such as the WEF and the WHO will decide how we live our lives. Again, this is why movements such as Extinction Rebellion et al have popped up at this time. In my opinion, they are cynical, astroturfed attempts to direct the ‘we, the people’ side of this conflict and steer both sides.

Pluto is sextile Neptune and they make a yod to the Moon in Leo. This underscores the Jupiter and Sun opposition as the Moon is in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, so we could say that the Moon is reflecting those energies. It is very common, in any chart, for certain themes to be duplicated amongst the aspects, and this yod is no exception. As I’ve said previously, the Neptune/Pluto sextile has been in operation since the mid 20th century. It’s a very long ranging aspect and pertains to spiritual breakthroughs/changes of perception. If we look back to how life has changed since the Second World War, we can see how our beliefs and faith in literally everything has been irrevocably altered. We are going to see quite clearly this quarter how these changes are making us feel. Yods involving the Moon usually involve a heightened emotional aspect and in Leo, the tendency is towards melodrama and theatrics. The kite is an excellent metaphor for this autumn, however. If we can keep our feet on the ground while we fly through the air, we can enjoy the coming changes and see that the threatened storms are of a strictly teacup variety!

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