September New Moon – Sunday 25th September 2022. 10:52PM GMT.

This new moon has very similar energies to that of the Equinox reading, so it will be fairly short, but I would recommend reading that too, to get a fuller flavour of what will be going down this coming autumn.

In the Equinox reading, the Moon was forming the apex of a yod to the Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn sextile. Since then, the Moon has progressed to early Libra and joins the stellium of personal planets in this region such as Mercury and Venus as well as the Sun, which are the base of a kite with Neptune, Pluto and Uranus in Taurus conjunct the north node. This kite will not hang around for very long as the inner planets are fast-moving, and this kite will have dispersed by the middle of next month as Venus moves away from the base point and Mercury turns direct (happens on 2nd October).

The fact that this kite energy is so potent means this month will be an excellent time to lay down some new routines and order, as I spoke about in the equinox reading. Looking at work/life balance, reviewing diet/exercise and sleep patterns and also thinking about how you can get your life into a harmonious order is the theme of this month. Doing so will help create harmony and balance and lessen the blows of any difficult squares or oppositions that are going on.

The oppositions are the same as the equinox reading and reflect what I said there that manipulation and trickery as well as overblown grandstanding will be in effect this month, so focusing on the long game by overhauling your everyday routines will help mitigate any toxic effects. There could be a lot of big, aggressive talk this month, especially in the areas of finance and food. It is easy to focus on these difficult energies rather than see the bigger picture, which is the kite, the harmonious aspect that promises auspicious changes for all if we can learn how to embrace that energy.

To emphasise this point, Mars in Gemini is now making a trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Both planets like to get on and do, they like to achieve and get results. Mars and Saturn are strong adversaries and when they team up, they can be formidable. It will not be easy to dupe and manipulate people this month as there is going to be a strong desire to have clear communications and get information out into the open. On a more everyday level, it’s a really good month to develop new ideas and strategies for the future, to network and to build contacts in any chosen area, as you can put down some really solid foundations now with others and begin to build on this for the future, so don’t be afraid to reach out and branch out.

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