Autumn equinox/September full moon reading Tuesday 21st September 2021 12:54 am GMT

Harvest moon is here! This is the time of year to take stock of all that has happened, gather in our crops and reflect on what has been created. The nights will now begin to grow long, which signifies our time to muse on what we would like to create next year, so this is a great time of year to pause and show our gratitude for the gifts bestowed on us by the gods. This year the moon falls so close to autumn equinox they are, in effect, one and the same reading, hence why I’ve decided to combine the two.

This full moon is in watery and sensitive Pisces, so Pisces and other water signs especially will have their psychic abilities operating to the max right about now and will probably find this effect will last all autumn. Even if you are not a water sign, all of us will be feeling the effects of these heightened senses, which we should take note of. This also suggests there will be some strong and unexplainable emotions, more likely than not repressed for many years (as the Moon is opposite the Sun, and the Sun is at the bottom of the chart), rearing their head this coming season. Neptune is hovering near the Moon, which can indicate deception, including self-deception, so watch out for that. But it can also signify great creativity too.

There is a grand air trine between Mars, Saturn and the North Node. Saturn and the North Node are in houses associated with air, whereas Mars is in a water house. These three bodies form an equilateral triangle and it’s one of the most beneficial configurations in astrology. Trines, in my opinion, get overlooked because their energies are harmonious and flowing, so they tend to get taken for granted, as they are not as dramatic or noticeable as squares and oppositions. However, grand trines signify a new energy emerging, an energy of creation. Mars and Saturn are both planets of building. Mars represents action and leadership; Saturn represents legacies and the generations. The North Node is about the direction we need to take/is most beneficial. This is a beautiful trine, encouraging us to focus on the power of the air element, which is about the mind, communication and your word. I have been tracking the steady movement of celestial forces away from the earth element and towards air since last Winter Solstice (incidentally, this is why crypto has become much more mainstream this year, and will continue to do so, as the focus will be on digital rather than solely material wealth).

It is time for us to focus on what we wish to create in the world rather than be pulled around by Deep State chaos magic shenanigans. The Deep State tend to put their dramas front and centre using the magic of air (the media) to create mass negative emotional states that they use to usher in their own desires. We have to place our attention elsewhere and put our minds and attention to more positive use – it really is that simple. I am aware such talk sounds new-agey, but ultimately the new age movement was just a Deep State psy-op to take ownership of old ways of doing things and remove their power, make them look stupid. I have no doubt that our ancestors knew and used the power of their word and their mind to weave their webs of wyrd.

Pluto makes a difficult aspect to Mercury, suggesting more information control in the arena of health. As Pluto sits on the cusp of the seventh house, this suggests that there is a solid intention to make digital passports a reality, and this will be the season they go for it (Pluto trine Sun from 7th to 4th house). The health aspect is irrelevant, this is the deep state attempting to harness the transition from earth to air that I have been discussing, and this is the way they are trying to do it. This is one of the reasons why they have been going so heavy on internet censorship, as they wish to dominate the air element. Unfortunately, for them, the air element is not nearly as easy to control as the earth, although they will try.

Mercury makes a lovely trine with Jupiter, suggesting that due to things like crypto, the Deep State will not find it very easy to control people and there will be lots of growth in this area over the coming season. Jupiter signifies freedom and encourages us to know our rights and be sovereign in all aspects of our existence – including money.

Venus makes a strong opposition to Uranus, which could signify financial turbulence, a

market crash, earthquakes/tsunamis/volcanos or all of these. Venus in Scorpio suggests volcanos (as we are seeing in the Canary Islands) but also some sort of water aftermath, so be careful out there. Scorpio can also represent finances, so there is a lot of tempestuousness going on in finances and natural disasters this season. This energy can also represent sex scandals and the revelation of the power aspects behind such scandals, so there is some heavy potential in there. Keep focused on where you want to be, rather than the energy harvesting plays of the media, and enjoy the changing season.

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