Capricorn Full Moon Wednesday 13th July 2022

This full moon in Capricorn is a Supermoon and we will be in for an incredibly intense month indeed. The Sun and Moon are in a very tight opposition, with all the planets falling on one side of the chart, so everyone will feel this one. There is a lot of tension and stress. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn are activated, so the issues that will come to the fore this month are those of safety, security and nurturance (Cancer) as well as concerns over resources, wealth and institutions/organizations. In this chart, the only planetary body which falls on the other side of this opposition is the asteroid Ceres, the grain mother, who in Cancer denotes nurturing and securing resources for her offspring. This is going to be a main theme this next month – incidentally, it’s not a surprise that farming protests are kicking off all over Europe at the moment, and even further afield in Asia. Anxiety about feeding families and/or nations will be paramount over the next month, so stock up accordingly.

In Cancer we have Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith as well as the Sun, so there is a lot emotional energy around and people will be acting it out. Black Moon Lilith suggests that we will see a lot of volatility and violence over the squandering of resources. This is Mama Bear rage type of energy and it won’t be pretty. In addition, the Sun is making a sextile to the North Node in Taurus conjunct Uranus. There will be a lot of disruption to food supplies, issues with land, events such earthquakes or tremors will be on the upturn this month. Uranus rules sudden and shocking events, and Taurus rules food and land, as well as money. However, with the North Node conjunct Uranus, this suggests that this difficult road is a path we are destined to travel down to reach the next stage of our evolution. What is beginning to occur now is only going to build in intensity through the rest of summer and into autumn, because at the end of September, Mars will be conjunct Uranus square Saturn. It will be a challenging and turbulent time but a necessary clearing away of lots of old, dead energy, perceptions and belief systems. It will basically be a battle between social control and personal freedom. It will be an aspect to watch but I will write more about it once we reach the autumn equinox.

Venus is in Gemini and squaring Neptune in Pisces, so lots of people will be feeling sociable and wanting to connect with others. A square to Neptune suggests just enjoying the moment and not getting too hung up on making plans, as any type of long-term plans tend to dissolve under Neptune’s influence. There is also the potential for deceit with this aspect, so if you are an air sign in particular, watch out for this aspect this month and don’t over-commit yourself to anything.

Venus is also trine Saturn in Aquarius, highlighting once again that we really need to start developing alternative ways of living and being, where at all possible. This will ease the pressure from those trying to implement social controls across the globe and is basically the direction we are supposed to be going in due to that Uranus in Taurus (which also indicates restructuring our routines). I know I’ve been banging on about this for a while now but this aspect pops up repeatedly at the moment, and I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about it.

Chiron is in Aries and square the Sun, also highlighting the desire for freedom vs the gearing up of social credit/control types of systems. This influence can suggest clashes with authority and curbs on individual freedom. Jupiter is about to go retrograde and will become conjunct with Chiron again early next year, so this aspect will peak at the end of this month, which is a good thing, as we don’t need to add Jupiter’s growth energy to this tense and challenging energy of the next few months (Jupiter always expands what it touches).

Neptune is once again sextile Pluto. I have not really discussed this aspect much before but this is a generational aspect that occurs once every 300 years. It has currently been in operation on and off since 1950 and is due to end in 2032. This aspect is about the destruction and transformation of our spiritual belief systems. So, all of us who have been born since 1950 will carry this aspect, some more strongly than others, depending on your natal chart. Although the aspect is not quite exact at the moment (and won’t be until 2026), this energy serves as a kind of backdrop to events since WWII ended. It is important to know about these intergenerational cycles as we can see why world events transpire as they do, and what the ultimate evolutionary aim is. It’s also important as we can see how the deep state likes to harness these energies for its own nefarious goals and purposes.

Pluto is also conjunct the Moon in Capricorn at this time, so there will be a lot of underhand dealing, manipulation and power games around money, financial markets and institutions in general. There will be a desire to keep people in the dark – quite literally, if the energy shortages in Europe are anything to go by. Death is also indicated with this placement – or more accurately, transformation of institutions such as the stock market. The old established order is coming to an end (the Moon and Pluto make a sextile to the North Node in Scorpio) and although it will be difficult it is necessary for us on the next leg of our cosmic journey through the ages.

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