Summer Solstice Tuesday 21st June 2022 10.31am GMT

Midsummer is here! It is time to celebrate the long days, the light and the peak fertility of the land – in anticipation of the harvest soon to come. This year the summer solstice chart speaks a lot about renewal and rejuvenation in particular.

Venus is very active this coming quarter. On the Solstice itself she makes a square to Saturn, which indicates hardship, frustration as well as a lack of connection to nature and over-reliance on technology. I think we may see more of the green agenda raising its head over the next three months, which seems to be about implementing further control and taxes on everyone. Saturn rules control and Aquarius idealism and utopias. This will be met with quite a lot of resistance, not least from Venus in Taurus, who represents the horn of plenty in this sign and wants to share her bounty with all. We have Jupiter and the Moon sitting in the middle of this square, in Aries, further demonstrating that any type of social controls will be met with demands for fair dealings and hot tempers. On top of that, Mercury in its home sign of Gemini makes a sextile to Jupiter and the Moon, showing that intelligence and logical arguments will also form a part of this resistance to control-based agendas. The people are not going to be such a pushover any more. Venus also has support from Pluto as she makes a lovely earth trine with the god of the Underworld, showing that unfortunately what is transpiring on the world stage is a necessary evolutionary drama to make us reflect deeply on what our true values are, what we care about and what we want – especially for the next generation. Concern for the next generation is a prominent theme in this chart but more of this later.

The Sun and Moon are also square this Solstice, which brings lots of tension, especially as the Sun has moved into Cancer (a water sign) and the Moon is in Aries (fire), so sensitivities and tempers will be running high over the next few days and there will be lots of frustration in the air. This tension serves a purpose though as, similar with the Venus/Saturn square, it asks us to reflect on our emotions and where we are putting our life force energies on a daily basis. Sitting in the middle of this square is Uranus in Taurus conjunct the North Node. Since the pandemic a lot of people have been reluctant to go back to the 40-plus-hour week slaveathon we call work. We want new ways of working and earning money and Uranus in Taurus is doing that, so expect that tension to increase for many over the next few months.

Mars is also a planet to watch out for over the next few weeks. He is currently in Aries and is making an interesting square to Pluto – and over the next quarter this square is going to intensify, with July 1st being a real flash date for this aspect. Many are feeling frustrated with the state of the world and want things to change. They want action, accomplishments, for something big to happen. Pluto, however, moves slowly, like the mills of the gods (and also small), and this tension between the time lags of the two planets is going to feel difficult for many over the next few weeks. Pluto is a planet that deals with our evolution and as the lord of the Underworld his time perspective is completely different from gotta-go-fast Mars. On a mundane level it will feel as if many want to begin projects or bring projects to a new stage/completion but they may not be ready yet. Furthermore, Chiron, the wounded healer, is conjunct Mars, which underscores the frustration and disappointment. Neptune sits roughly in the middle of Mars and Pluto, and it is about to go retrograde at the end of the month, so the message is to trust the timing of the gods and that all things will happen when they are meant to. Mars will move into Taurus in the next few weeks and then things should calm down a bit as Mars is always a bit more grounded and steady in Taurus.

The Sun makes a difficult aspect to Pluto this Solstice, which will become more challenging over the duration of the month and towards the end of July in particular. It will move into opposition with Pluto on 18th July, so watch out for this date and the days either side of it. Sun opposition Pluto can indicate revelations, big events and power issues. On a day-to-day level it could mean some power manipulations going on, as Pluto prefers to operate under the cover of darkness rather than be exposed to the full light of the Sun. As Pluto is in Capricorn, expect tension over money and legacies. Concern is building about what we are bequeathing our descendants in more ways than one. Capricorn rules empires and family dynasties, Cancer rules nurturing and care for the next generation. This is one of the things that will be really in our faces over the next month – what will we be leaving our children? As always with Pluto, he can be very difficult, but his challenges are always a hard pruning so that even more abundance will come… eventually. It’s a reminder that even the Sun has to go through contacts with the Lord of Death. Anyway, however this opposition manifests for you, avoid any unnecessary confrontations around these dates and save it for a more harmonious time.

Finally, I would like to talk briefly about an unusual alignment which is occurring just before sunrise on June 24th, whereby all the planets that can be seen with the naked eye (namely, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will be seen together in the early morning sky in the order they appear in from Earth. Uranus and Neptune will also be part of this formation but can only be seen by a telescope. There was also a similar event in April of this year but Mercury was not visible due to its proximity to the Sun at that time, and neither was the Moon due to its lunation stage. This is the first time such an event has happened since 2004. Let us hope and pray it will bring more order and harmony to our world. Happy Summer Solstice to all!

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