Gemini New Moon Monday 30th May 12:30PM GMT

Communication and trade are going to be at the heart of the month ahead. Mercury, even though retrograde, is very prominent and active this New Moon, so how you project yourself out into the world is a beneficial thing to focus on this month. Mercury is retrograde right now and will be until 3rd June, and then in the ‘shadow’ until the 18th – so we won’t really feel the effects of a direct Mercury until then. As it’s retrograding through Taurus, make sure all your finances are secure and avoid unnecessary confrontation – it’s not a good idea to get into heated arguments under a Mercury retrograde, as things are often not what they seem and our perception changes once it goes direct. Mercury’s position in Taurus counsels us to put ourselves out there – but be savvy and prudent. It’s a good time to reflect on just how much we actually need to say when we are communicating with others and what our words are actually worth. That’s the seed of this new moon.

The Sun and Moon are sextile Jupiter and Mars in Aries, so there is lots of potential for new growth and opportunities about. Most people will probably find this a busier month than usual for socialising and building networks, particularly when business ventures are involved. As a sextile is a positive aspect, it’s good to make the most of this type of aspect. On the negative side, it could also mean that we see a rise in inflation, however with this being a more supportive aspect than say a square, it won’t be too horrendous if it occurs. There will probably be increased efforts by the West to bring the conflict in Ukraine to negotiations as well. That doesn’t mean they are going to happen straight away but we will be moving in that direction.

Neptune makes a sextile to Mercury, which is a lovely spiritual aspect that gives great inspiration and imagination. It is a great one for artists and writers in particular and adds a very imaginative and ethereal note to the communication theme of this month, so you can expect some conversations about these kind of matters to be a theme.

There are also some more challenging aspects to watch out for. Saturn makes a square to Mercury, suggesting that there are setbacks and delays, especially where business and finances are concerned. As I noted earlier, this is a very sociable month but be cautious and wary about over-committing yourselves and check everything thoroughly to avoid being caught out on little details. Mercury retrograde can be very sneaky and can come back to bite you months after an incident has actually taken place. On the world stage, not only does this denote difficulties for big tech going forward, such as increased scrutiny, but it could also suggest there will be problems or delays with Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. The north node is very close to retrograde Mercury, further stressing that it’s a wise course of action to be especially prudent with your money and your tongue right now. Keep your cards close to your chest and get your houses in order – literally and figuratively. Saturn is still making a square to Uranus. It is not exact at the moment, so the pressure has relaxed, but it will be back on in the autumn and will mean financial and systemic pressures, such as food shortages, etc. You should prepare accordingly now.

Pluto makes a trine to Mercury from Capricorn, adding another dimension to Mercury this month. This aspect makes the connection between the unconscious to the conscious mind much stronger. It’s easy to tune into the otherworlds right now and receive guidance and inspiration, especially in the areas of money and finance, as this is an earth element trine.

Lovely Venus has just moved into her home sign of Taurus. In general, she will smoothing out any unpleasant and difficult situations. Taurus is the ruler of Venus, who likes harmony, serenity and comfort. She will be moving into conjunction with Uranus in June, meaning there will be some pleasant surprises in store for many and new ideas about how to enhance the comfort in your life will be flowing.

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