December New Moon Saturday 4th December 2021 07:49 AM GMT

This new moon is in the happy and carefree sign of Sagittarius and takes place on a solar eclipse. This is a very hopeful and positive new moon, a time to begin focusing on what you want to create for the next year. Sagittarius is all about big visions and dreams, and with the Moon here it’s a good time to see what seeds you want to begin planting for next year’s harvest.

This new moon asks each and every one of us to focus on the self for the next few days. The Sun and Moon make some lovely aspects in this chart. There is a strong trine to Chiron in Aries, making this an optimal time to think about any old passions or interests from childhood that have fallen by the wayside or been neglected, and dust them off. This new moon asks us to focus on the self and to think about what it is we want to achieve with our lives and get on with doing that. Relationships with others are vital but so is our relationship to and with the self and the things we love. Taking up old, forgotten passions can be healing and nourishing. Giving yourself that time and space is a good present this Yuletide.

The Sun and Moon also make a nice sextile to Saturn, which supports this idea. Think about what you want to communicate to others about your life and what you want to build for the future.

The Sun and Moon are connecting to Uranus at this time and moving away from the harsh opposition, towards a much more harmonious trine, so although many people will still be feeling the effects of restriction, especially to do with finances, this aspect suggests that over the next month things will get easier on that score for many. This Uranus/Saturn square is really shaking up perceptions of how we make money and will continue to do so for some time to come. While many are experiencing hardship, there are also other avenues and opportunities opening up for people to make money in a less traditional way, such as crypto, but being open to these new ways is key.

Mars makes some very interesting aspects this month. It’s languishing in Scorpio and is sextile Pluto and Venus in Capricorn (who are conjunct), as well as making a trine to Neptune in Pisces. On a personal level, this is a very good aspect for spiritual work, and given the Sun and Moon aspects, the veil between the worlds will be very thin indeed, so it’s an excellent time for any type of esoteric work. Mars sextile Pluto and Venus suggests that there are some incredible and transformative interactions to be had this month with such work. It also suggests that getting in touch with old forgotten interests and things that we value will be transformational in some way.

Mars is also square Jupiter during this new moon, so there will be a lot of pent-up emotional and mental energy for many people – but using this energy to focus on your spiritual life will reap dividends.

However, these positive aspects can also be used by groups like the deep state for their own ends. Mars makes some very supportive aspects this month but such aspects can also be used to further nefarious agendas. Mars in Scorpio can be volatile and unpredictable. It can also operate covertly and given that it makes a trine to Neptune, just be aware that it will be hard to make sense of anything going on in the external world this month, as there is a lot of deception and skulduggery about. There will be a lot of money manipulation going on through issues with supply shortages, stocks and markets manipulation, as well as attempts to control who can earn money – such as through vaccine passports.

Mars square Jupiter also indicates that there could be a lot of hot air around this month, a lot of tall tales being told or aggressive words/stories, but no physical follow-up. This isn’t to scare anyone but just be aware. Mars in Scorpio can be passive-aggressive and manipulative, but psychological tricks is about the extent of her repertoire. Ignore it. Focus on your self and developing your grand vision for the year to come – and enjoy the long nights!

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