Taurus Full Moon Friday 19th November 08:57 AM GMT

This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, partial blood moon and the longest one we have experienced for approximately 600 years. The stage is set for it to be a bit of a humdinger, so let’s have a look at it.

Firstly, the Moon is in strong and steady Taurus. The Moon is very at home in Taurus as it appreciates the calming and placid energies attached to this sign. The Moon is opposite the Sun, Mercury and Mars, which all form a stellium in Scorpio. Revelations of things kept long hidden are indicated, as lunar eclipses often mark things coming to fruition, release or endings of some sort. Such situations are often unpleasant, but it is usually for own good in the long run, as is often the way with Scorpio energy. The solid energy of Taurus will be much appreciated with the dynamic energy going on in Scorpio, so if things do feel emotional and overwhelming for you, focus on the body and, in true Taurean fashion, luxury. Indulge in what makes you feel good, nourished and nurtured over the next few days – it will really help with any Scorpionic turbulence.

Pluto makes a trine from Capricorn to the Moon, indicating that we are beginning a period of our values being cleaned out and re-evaluated. Again, it won’t be pleasant but we will feel better for it once it’s over. On a more mundane level, it’s why we’re experiencing things like supply shortages and the pinch of inflation. We are being asked to examine what is necessary as the earth element does not like to extend a penny’s more worth of energy than it must.

Also indicated with this trine is our attitude towards politicians, political power and financial power. This eclipse could mark the turn away from our traditional modes of political and economic systems and the serious exploration of alternatives as more people become aware of how these different systems are inextricably linked – and that the House is rigged in more ways than one, basically.

Jupiter in Aquarius forms part of a T-square with the Sun and Moon, meaning that true growth is being hampered and probably explaining why inflation is taking off right now. Jupiter in Aquarius is about growth of new ideas and innovations, but this is being stifled right now. The way to reclaim power in this predicament is to look to the missing leg of the cross/T-square. In this case, it’s Leo, so as I said during the last New Moon reading, become aware of your sovereign rights and do not be afraid to exercise them. Educate yourselves on everything going on, become knowledgeable about every facet of the issues of the day. Keeping our power and resolve makes these Full Moon turbulent waters much easier to cross.

Mercury makes a lovely trine to Neptune, and as per the last New Moon there is a lot of imaginative and creative potential around for those who are so inclined. The trine indicates that the communication channels between the creative portals are wide open. Exploring such potential is a wise thing to do, because often it is in these places that the creative solutions to our problems can be found, so be open.

On another positive note, Venus makes a trine to Uranus, indicating that there are a lot of new ideas in the ether about money, harmony and abundance for all. I would argue that this is another energy to explore, as this is the energy that underpins political turmoil and strife.

Mars is very actively in opposition to Uranus now, and this energy is being utilized par excellence by the deep state at the moment with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and its fallout. Social justice flash mobs are being used as guerilla-style troops to enforce and bring about a political agenda that claims to be about organic grassroots change but is being heavily directed and manipulated by the Establishment. Such tension can be used to bring about long-lasting and much-needed change, which is why it is being used so effectively by the Deep State as they are using it to direct towards the changes they wish to see. Many astrologers point to this aspect being an indicator of war but this is where the war is, it’s a guerilla-style war, a psychological war. Do not despair, though. This energy, although tense and stressful, can bring breakthroughs and realizations as well as new ideas. We must take the positive side of this influence and use it accordingly, for its energy is available to us as well.

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