Scorpio New Moon Thursday 4th November 2021 09:15PM GMT.

This Supermoon New Moon is in intense and passionate Scorpio. There is a lot of Mars energy around this New Moon, as Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars. Uranus in Taurus makes a strong opposition to the Sun and Moon, so expect the unexpected this month, especially in the realm of personal finances, the financial world in general and also on the home front. Uranus also makes a square to Saturn, indicating that we could see stressful information come out about the corruption in the world of business and contracts, and how this corruption operates in all areas of life, including the medical world. It’s a time to tighten the belt and get resourceful and canny, in true Scorpio fashion, about how you spend your money. There could also be unexpected reappearances of people from the past in your life, people who you may have lost touch with, or have been out of your life in some way – as I said, expect the unexpected this month.

Saturn also makes a wide square to the Sun and Moon, which together with Uranus makes a T-square. Saturn square the Sun and Moon has implications for law and order and the extent of cyber-crime and corruption emerging. Although all this Martian energy can be very dramatic and explosive, the deeper question we are being challenged on is how we want our world to be. How do we want it to look and operate? How stable is a model in the long-term if geopolitics can have such an extensive effect on supply chains and energy needs? These are the questions that we all need to think about and answer. Scorpio energy can be very challenging but facing up to the truth is necessary for our development.

Mars is also roughly square Saturn, which is a challenging aspect, so this month take your time making any decisions about the home and to do with contracts of any kind. Mercury is not only direct now but out of shadow and conjunct Mars, which abets Mars’s swiftness. This energy has the potential to bring domestic strife, especially if you are a water sign – so watch out.

Thankfully, there are also some very beautiful aspects this New Moon to help mitigate the madness, so let’s discuss those now. Neptune makes a powerful and positive connection the Sun and Moon, showing that this month is about growth and learning. So whatever happens this month, keep that bigger picture in mind. This is also a very salient time to make a note of your dreams, especially if you are a water sign, as they will be full of even more wisdom an insight than usual, and easier to access.

Jupiter makes a lovely trine to Mercury, indicating the importance of communication to bring balance and harmony to all the strong emotions flying around this month. Focusing on this energy will be the best way forward. Balance the strong Mars energy with the clear communication of Jupiter and Mercury, and the compassion of Neptune, and that is a powerful combination, come what may.

In regards to the Uranus/Saturn/ Sun and Moon T-square, this does have the potential to be very challenging. The T-square is in fixed signs, which can be the most stressful to work with as there is a stubborn tension that perhaps wants to be broken up but finds release difficult. However, as with all T-squares, we need to look at the “missing” energy to resolve it. In this instance, it is Leo, so we need to find that strong and warm-hearted leader energy within. Keep the wisdom of your heart close this month. Be strong, courageous and stand up for what you believe in while maintaining your compassion. This month has the potential to be incredibly transformative if we are prepared to work with its energy and meet its challenges.

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