Full Moon in Libra Sunday 28 March 2021 7:48 PM G.M.T.

By Holly Hazeltree.

There is a beautiful grand air trine this full moon between Mars, Saturn and the Moon. A grand trine is where three or more planets make a harmonious aspect in one particular element. This grand trine occurs in air, so communication, the mind and sharing ideas will all be touched by some way in this. If you are an air element or have a strong air component in your own chart, then this will be a very fertile time for you to set some intentions for the rest of the year.

This full moon, the moon is in Libra, so justice and the restoration of beauty and harmony are highlighted. If you are a Libra, don’t be surprised if someone from the past, or some information from the past, makes itself known to shed new light on a situation, and relationships in particular. This month, the full moon highlights the relationships between ourselves and others, but more of that later.

The trine also activates Mars and the North Node in Gemini, as well as Saturn in Aquarius. There will be lots of inspiration and new ideas around this next month, so take note of any inspirations that come your way and act on them to the best of your ability, because any such action taken will produce results quickly at this time, because the conditions are so favourable.

The Moon makes a stressful aspect to Uranus and will be moving into Scorpio and be opposite Uranus, in a day or so after the full moon. This may be a sensitive time for water as well as air signs and will also activate the ongoing Uranus/Saturn square, so watch your interactions with others at that time.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron and Venus, and is the relationships area of the chart, so this is a good time to review how you use your energy with others, and how much you prioritise your own needs in relationships. Are they in balance? As I said earlier, there may be some information from the past coming to light which will mean you review how you see some of your relationships – and in turn, yourself. Ultimately, this will be for the good but may involve some discomfort to begin with. Whatever comes to light at this time needs to be integrated, so that we can each see the world in a more truthful way.

Mercury and Neptune are conjunct in an area of the chart to do with healing and health, so expect more deception and covering of information regarding anything to do with the pandemic. There is a real concerted effort to control and affect our vitality (Mercury is square Mars), but it does not have much power in it as the real power this month is in working on our relationships and fortifying our networks.

Jupiter continues his journey through Aquarius. He is in the area of creativity, art and children, so let your hair down and have fun this month – as with Jupiter there is always lots to be had!

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