January Full Moon – 17th January 2022 11:48PM GMT

This is the first full moon of 2022 and it’s in its home sign of Cancer. Cancer represents nurturing, children, motherhood and intuition, so we can expect to be in for an emotional few days as a Cancer full moon always brings hidden emotions to the surface.

The Sun is in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto. Capricorn represents power, legacies and finances – especially financial institutions and fatherhood. With Pluto conjunct the Sun the issue of power and finances are highlighted, especially in relation to children. On a mundane level this may bring up questions for people around parenting, work/life balance and what we do for a living in general compared with our intuitive leanings. Pluto also rules regeneration, so there is a lot of energy available around restructuring and transforming work/life schedules that don’t work for us at the time of the full moon. In addition, the north node is now firmly in Taurus and makes supportive aspects to both the Sun/Pluto and the Moon. This suggests that the issue of power, taking personal power, being aware of things like work life/balance and knowing your rights at work are the way forward.

Pluto is also one degree off from the US Pluto return which occurs next month and will be active for the rest of this year and into 2023. The Moon, which sits at 27 degrees Cancer, is opposing the Pluto 27 degrees natal US Pluto position, so this Moon is activating the natal US Pluto and this is something to bear in mind for the US over the next few days.

Mercury retrograde is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and both square Uranus in Taurus. This suggests to me that there will be a lot of friction and around the next few days, particularly in the media over the various false narratives they have been running. The Covid narrative is an obvious one but there are others as well, especially around finances and energy wars. Expect awkward questions and stuttering answers to be the norm over the next few days, even more so than usual. It should be fun to watch. Mercury went retrograde on the 14th and will not go direct until 3rd February, so expect the usual Mercury retrograde shenanigans (such as issues with communications and contracts) until then and plan accordingly.

Jupiter is traversing through Pisces and gearing up to make a conjunction with Neptune in April, which has the potential to be blissful and expansive. Jupiter remains in Pisces until May, so this building energy is a great one to tap into for creative ideas and inspirations, especially for the spiritually minded as the air will be heavy with dreams and portents.

Uranus makes a trine to Venus, which at present is retrograde until Jan 29th, and is highlighting the need to get our own financial houses in order and to bring as much harmony as possible into our lives. This aspect also has the potential to show you new ways to make money as Uranus is always about new ideas and unique angles, and going through Taurus this pertains to personal finances and businesses. So be aware of that for the rest of this month, if that is something that interests you, as it’s a perfect aspect for developing new ideas and bringing them to fruition.

Finally, Mars is moving through Sagittarius and makes some difficult aspects to both the Sun and the Moon. Mars is also square Neptune, so Mars may be a bit reckless and/or deceptive over the next few days. This aspect is waning but nevertheless, think carefully around what you commit to for the rest of this month. Don’t feel bullied or intimidated, stand up for your rights – and given that Mercury is retrograde keep receipts, get things in writing and read the small print before signing anything! This full moon has the potential to be blissful, with lots of insights and intuitions to be had, so dive into the deep, dark waters of Cancer. Allow yourself to be nourished and nurtured by her soothing waters and emerge refreshed and revived.

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