Aquarius New Moon Tuesday 1st February 2022 05:46 AM GMT

This month the Moon begins afresh in Aquarius, sign of sudden shocks, changes and innovations. It is conjunct Saturn, planet of big business and legacies. I have mentioned previously how there is an ongoing square between Uranus and Saturn, they are both in a cosmic tug-of-war at the moment between the old and the new. The New Moon here is activating this square, so a lot of financial turmoil and uncertainty lies ahead this month. This also indicates there may be issues with things like supply chains and obtaining day-to-day items. It is all very tumultuous but necessary to bring about the scheduled changes for humanity to grow and develop.

For the past couple of years, I have been stressing how there is a great potential around at present to look at alternative revenue streams/ of income. Some times are more potent for this than others, but this new moon is one of those times where the conditions are optimal to take note of any flashes of inspiration or messages from the gods to explore or create new opportunities for yourself. Aquarius is the sign of genius, sudden inspirations and the future, so this is an excellent time to be receptive to those insights now. Venus is in earthy Capricorn and making a supportive aspect to Uranus in Taurus, further emphasising this potential. Venus in earth signs usually indicates abundance, security and luxury, especially when well aspected, as she is in this chart, so this new moon heralds a great time for most of us to consider ways we can improve our material situations.

Venus is also widely conjunct Mars, also in Capricorn, so there will be a lot of focus on wanting to achieve and get things done this month. I would say that Mars being in a rather pragmatic placement at present will see the current Ukraine stalemate continue, or not get any worse during the next month.

Another very potent aspect this month is Mercury conjunct Pluto, and this will be the aspect to watch this week. Mercury has been retrograde for the past couple of weeks but goes direct on the 3rd and will still be conjunct Pluto. This indicates that previous secrets (usually secrets involving sex and/or money with Pluto because Pluto represents the power of life and death) will be revealed/ communicated. Both planets are currently in Capricorn, so this suggests that something big could be revealed with a heavy-duty political or business figure, so stay tuned for that. This conjunction makes a trine to the North Node, so whatever emerges is necessary for our evolution and is emerging when it is meant to. On a personal level, you may find old wounds or obsessions from the past rearing their head in some way with a surprising intensity. It can also be a time of great insight, as the roads of communication between the different worlds and levels of consciousness are wide open. Chiron makes a square to Venus, which also denotes that old wounds, especially unresolved romantic relationships, may be an issue for many this month. This can often be the case around Valentine’s Day, but this month it seems even more pronounced.

Jupiter makes some great aspects this month as he positively aspects both Uranus and Mars, he is indicating the potential for lots of philosophical and physical growth just by contemplating our future and using the capable and efficient energies of Mars and Uranus to decide where we want to go and work towards it. Jupiter is in dreamy Pisces but is very well aspected, so these two planets, Mars and Uranus, when put to work can show us how the dreams and visions of Pisces can become a new and wonderful reality.

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