Leo Full Moon 16th February 2022, 4:56PM GMT

This full moon is in Leo and very fiery and feisty. It’s occurring in the critical degrees of Leo, so it signals endings or completions of some kind. On a positive level, for Leos in particular, this can mean some sort of windfall or harvest, such as seeing a long-term plan come to fruition. On the negative side it can mean difficult or unanticipated endings. As Leo represents royalty, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out for the British royal family over the next couple of weeks. I note with interest that Prince Andrew has just settled his civil court case over alleged sex abuse. Look out for them in the media over the next couple of weeks, as the British chart suggests they will be front and centre.

There is a Capricorn stellium in this month’s chart and at the heart of this is Pluto, and these make a difficult aspect to the Moon. This is a very tense energy. Leo likes to have power and dominate, but so does Pluto. It is no coincidence that we see quite a few stand-offs around the world at present, not just the situation in the Ukraine but also the stand-offs between Western governments and their people, in places like Canada and Australia. The proximity of Mercury to Pluto is encouraging, as it suggests that behind the scenes there is a lot of negotiation and talking going on. But both sides will want to dig their heels in, so the next few days have the potential to be dramatic and volatile on the world stage. Other than that, I still cannot see any physical conflict happening at present – but make no mistake, there is a lot of tension and hostility in these situations. This aspect suggests conflict over money systems, who controls them and control of institutions, especially those to do with high finance. Basically, change is coming but there is going to be A LOT of resistance to that change, as we are seeing in these type of planetary stand-offs and events unfolding on the world stage. It also suggests revelation of sexual secrets, especially those of royalty, or those with that level of power.

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn and are creating a kind of level-headed and pragmatic bubble of harmony, mitigating the tension between Pluto and the Moon. They make a nice trine to the Uranus in Taurus, which is an encouraging sign that this more firm but peaceful energy that we’ve seen in Canada and Australia over the mandates is where we are going in terms of redressing future grievances. It’s been a big wake-up call to show people that they can flex their power and that governments are afraid of that (hence Trudeau’s heavy-handed response in the past day or two).

Jupiter in Pisces makes a positive aspect to Uranus too. It suggests to me that all the shenanigans going on with the Canadian Truckers et al is making waves in the collective and the ripples are making even more people question the nature of reality – or, to be more precise, their own reality. This will only grow over the next couple of months as we have Neptune conjunct Jupiter coming up in April, which will be a really magical and special conjunction.

I just want to end by talking about the US Pluto return, which will be exact on the 20th and be in play all year. The US Neptune opposition is also occurring, so this is a massive year of death and rebirth for the US, and for the world at large really. Expect the dollar to come under intense pressure (as the natal Pluto of the US is in the 2nd house of finances and values). Neptune represents, amongst other things, glamour, narratives, films and fantasy. In opposition, many of the narratives that have been built up around the US are going to come under intense pressure and either dissolve completely or be forced to shift into something else. For many people who believe the conventional narratives pumped out by the mainstream media, this will be very difficult as Neptune opposing Neptune has a ‘lifting of the veil’ feel to it, and for many who are invested in globalist narratives this will be a difficult load to bear. The potential is there for people to become enlightened in this regard, or to basically go mad once they realise that a lot of what they believe about reality is lies. Therefore, this coupled with the financial strain indicates an uneasy year ahead. This will be a challenging year for the US but it is a necessary death so that the country can be reborn from the ashes.

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