Pisces New Moon – 2nd March 2022 5:34PM GMT.

This New Moon there are two different energies existing. The first is a very strident authoritarian energy, and the other is a spiritual and harmonious energy. I’ll discuss both in turn and then go to explain why I think both are occurring at this time.

So, the authoritarian type energy is represented by a conjunction between Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Pluto and Mars are very dynamic and active planets, and together they signify action, aggression and wanting to get stuff done. It’s a good energy to employ when you have a goal you want to achieve, however it can also be domineering and intractable, as we are currently seeing in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Venus is also conjunct these planets, which softens the aggression inherent when these two are together, but they are a powerful duo and do not back down easily, as we have seen in the past week.

The fact that this conjunction is happening in Capricorn suggests to me that the main target of this conflict is for financial supremacy and that is where this conflict will be felt the most around the world. It indicates, for quite a while to come, that this conflict will have knock on effects of things like food and agricultural shortages, which will inevitably mean a restructuring of our economy. (It is not my intention to minimise the effects of what is happening those directly involved in events in that region, I’m just trying to give a very broad, zoomed out view.) It’s of no surprise that one of the first responses out of the Western gate was to threaten the Russians with expulsion from the SWIFT system. Hitting in the pocket is very Pluto/Mars in Capricorn. Expect these kinds of incidences to continue for a while yet.

The other aspect to point out in regards to this conflict is the exposure of, and the eventual clean out of the financial system and it’s utter corruption. This conjunction is trine the North Node, indicating that this is linked to the conflict in the Ukraine and it’s exposure is what is needed. Pluto transiting a sign always shows up the flaws and degradation of that sign in particular. This exposure acts like a death force which is necessary before something new can begin. The deep state know this too, which is why they’ve been going on their Build Back Better rampage in an attempt to harness this force.

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct too in Aquarius. This suggests to me that there is going to be some major clamp downs on free speech and communications around this New Moon period. This stifling will also cause conflict and tension, perhaps demonstrations and protests as Aquarius energy does not like being confined in any way. It also indicates that it will be difficult to find information about what is really happening in the world, or that such information will be scarce in some way, so be careful about what you read and take it with a pinch of salt, as part of this conflict is about who has financial dominance going forward. Saturn also makes a wide square to Uranus, which is ongoing, but suggests that it will be difficult to reach agreements as both sides will dig in and refuse to compromise.

Now for the more positive aspects to this chart. The Sun and Moon make a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, ruler of the gods, in his home turf of Pisces. Jupiter is edging towards a conjunction with Neptune next month which will be very special. Jupiter rules expansion, spirtuality and dreams, especially in Pisces. It also indicates we could have a lot of flooding/rain, which traditionally is a sign for making the ground fertile for the new crops to grow.

So, there is this very positive energy also building quietly in the background. It’s also making a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This suggests, as it’s in Pisces, that a lot of the restrictions around Covid will be tacitly dissolved and will just fade away unnoticed. This energy will build up to the Spring Equinox and beyond, so it’s going to be really interesting to see what emerges after then in response to all the Mars/Saturn aggression.

On a personal level, this is the New Moon to start thinking about what you want to achieve with your year, what seeds you want to plant, which crop you want to harvest. This New Moon is full of creativity and inspiration on that score, with Jupiter in tow, it is a very lucky New Moon, and can make dreams come true.

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