November Full Moon 8th November 2022 11:02 AM GMT

This full moon is a total lunar eclipse blood moon and will be the last one that happens until 2025, so it’s an important harbinger of change and transformation. Any changes occurring around this time will have an impact for the next three years, meaning this full Moon is an important one to get in sync with.

The Moon herself makes a conjunction to the North Node, the Head of the Dragon, and Uranus in Taurus. The Moon is comfortable in earthy, sensible Taurus and is what is known as exalted. It’s a good placement for the Moon. Uranus, the planet of revolution, change and genius, is still making its way through Taurus (and this lunation makes a very tight square to Saturn, of which more later). Taurus is a very sensual sign – it likes luxury, comfort and ease of living. With Uranus making such a tight conjunction, it suggests that our standards of living are in for disruption and change. We are going to experience erratic availability of goods and services, and with this being on the North Node it is going to be the way for some time to come. However, we could also argue that a lot of what we call comfort and luxury is unnecessary mindless and soulless consumerism and corporatism, so expect that to go through the wringer over the next few years as well. Ultimately, the invitation from the heavens is to reflect on what we consider true comfort and luxury.

Opposing this Taurean stellium is a Scorpio stellium consisting of the Sun, Venus and Mercury, tightly bound together, along with the South Node, the tail of the dragon, in Scorpio. This tail, in Scorpio, has got a sting. This suggests increasing numbers of people are going to be very aware of any sinister and malevolent agendas that governments across the world use to deprive people in any way of goods and services. Scorpio can detect bullshit at 1,000 paces, so people will be watching what goes down over the next few years with increasing suspicion and distrust, and demanding honest dealings and justice.

Squaring both of these stelliums is Saturn in Aquarius. I did say earlier in the year that the Saturn-Uranus square would be back with a vengeance and after the tightening of this square last month, we are still in the thick of it now – and will be until early next year. This makes a fixed T-square, so there is a lot of stubborn and pig-headed energy around this month.

I can see how the deep state is using this current square to push forward its agenda. Its current cloak of environmental activism is truly a cloak of many colours, with these different groups and agendas all in lockstep with the UN agenda to transfer wealth from the West to other regions. Unfortunately, it’s a perfect way for them to use this Saturn-Uranus square as Saturn in Aquarius lends itself to changing structures for the purposes of evolution, and Uranus in Taurus wants to alter work, finances and life for ordinary people. Environmentalism is something that Taurus and Aquarius can find concord with, so it’s no surprise to me that now that they’ve ditched their Covid mask they are going full-bore with the climate change one for the foreseeable.

However, the best laid plans and all that. We must remember that in astrology there is always a blend of energies and what is also occurring in this lunation is a beautiful trine to that Scorpio stellium from Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions and spirituality, and Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. Keeping close to our gods and our dreams this month will give us a lot of protection and sustenance. We have to learn to rely on them, to ask them for guidance, to show us the next step. At the moment, our intuition and instincts are very heightened. It is easier for us to hear them. This may sound simplistic but a lot of these agendas only come to fruition because they are initially cloaked in deception and lies. Once we become aware of all the machinations of the Deep State and expose its chicanery it will become much harder for it to operate. This is part of the learning of this Saturn-Uranus square. We must learn it if we are to evolve and move forward.

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