October New Moon 25th October 2022 11.48 am GMT.

This is an interesting new moon as we have two quincuncxes making a saltire-type cross, of which the Moon and Sun are part. I’ll discuss the meaning of this aspect later but for now it is worth bearing in mind that quincunxes can be tricky to work with and those of this month are no exception. The New Moon is in Scorpio and is also an eclipse (an ancient portent of change and transformation), so the underlying theme for this month is clearing out, death, stripping away and releasing all that no longer serves in order to prepare for the growth of the coming spring. The harvest is gathered, the long nights are on their way and already it is time to set the scene for next year’s crop.

This month, the Sun and Moon are in the very early stages of Scorpio and are conjunct Venus, so this is a very passionate and intense new moon. The clearing-out energy is strident and determined. Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon indicates that such a clear-out is necessary to bring balance and harmony. It is a good time to already think about the projects you wish to complete next year and what needs to be gotten rid of in order to complete them successfully. Mercury is also part of this stellium, even though it is in the late stages of Libra, adding grace, charm and intelligence to this dynamic new moon. It is Mercury, however, that makes the strongest aspects to the others in this quincunx configuration.

The Scorpio stellium is part of a bigger configuration, of a quincunx saltire cross. This is an unusual aspect. Quincuncxes can indicate a trapped or stalemate kind of energy. They are basically a bit of a wildcard as they indicate potential but with no guarantee that such potential will be realised as the sextile and trines usually imply. Quincunxes have a lot of leeway but they can be frustrating as sometimes the energy blend between the planets in question is just too awkward to reconcile.

In this configuration we have Mercury in Libra, which is very intelligent and charming, in a quincuncx aspect to Neptune in Pisces. There is an attempt to reconcile the charm and poise of Mercury with the deep intuition and emotion of Neptune in Pisces that has the potential to be quite challenging.

The other quincuncx is Mars in Gemini in aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Gemini is very talkative, sociable and ideas/strategy-focused but Pluto in Capricorn is about control of resources and money, as well as doing rather than talking. There will be conflict this month or a stalemate for many between wanting to move forward and implementing new ideas versus difficulty securing money for such new ventures. It is also worth noting that these quincunxes are personal planets against outer planets, so basically what we have got is that on a personal, everyday level people will want to manifest change but find that tangible, significant change will not be occurring. Any changes happening this month will be purely decorative window dressing, as the planets are in a kind of deadlock. The current UK Prime Minister debacle illustrates this.

To highlight this, Mercury is trine Mars. This is a nice positive aspect which indicates that there will lots of talking and ideas floating around this month, but the outer planets are holding them in a deadlock position. Mercury is square Pluto and Mars is square Neptune. Mercury square Pluto suggests that there are subconscious agendas at play that are keeping things locked in place. Mars square Neptune is a difficult aspect and people will find that any plans they make this month will come to nothing.

Pluto is sextile Jupiter in Aries, which also suggests that there will be yet more monetary inflation. This is a very positive aspect for long-term growth as Pluto, even though he rules death, is a very good indicator of fertility and fecundity. Making a positive aspect to Jupiter, especially from a money sign like Capricorn, is usually very encouraging for finances. However, Jupiter is still in very early Aries and is currently retrograde until next spring. It is as if the new cycle of Jupiterian growth we are all waiting for is on hold until then.

There is a new growth cycle coming in the spring, not just because it will be spring but because of this marvellous aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. However, at present it is as if the outer planets are telling us to wait. So, although change is afoot the energy of this month is deadlock, stalemate. It is best to hold fire and rest. Have a clear-out and prepare for the winter but do not force any outer changes as it is difficult for them to ‘root in’ right now. On the world stage, you can expect it to be very active with lots of news stories this month (as Mars and Mercury are in air signs). On the surface, things will seem busy, busy, busy – but underneath it all, nothing is changing yet and pushing to change now will result in change that is shallow and superficial. Jupiter goes direct in the spring; we will see how things stand then. For now, just prepare.

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