Plastic Blood

I notice two things about the state of our civilization. There is a rabid and accelerating cult of environmentalism, existing alongside an ever-increasing slow-motion environmental disaster, both of which appear to be parallel, yet utterly unrelated.

There may be a loose affiliation – an occasional token word, spoken from the corner of Klaus Schwab’s mouth, about environmental concerns outside climate change and the associated politics. But the slow-motion ‘disaster of convenience’ is an acclimatized and often ignored matter of social custom, which is an off-shoot of the machinations of the supply chain system. This logistics-entity is the ultimate golem of our mercantile-class oligarch overlords, and the procedures of the supply chain techno-deity are not up for questioning, by Schwab or anyone else. All human custom and politics bow down before the realities of truck and cargo-ship routes laden with brazilian plastic-wrapped fruit and plastic shoes made in China.

The overuse of plastic is a particularly toxic aspect of this ridiculous system, a subject I have written about several times now, particularly in regards our cheap, throwaway, ‘fast fashion’ clothing industry. But where we even more directly consuming yummy plastic microparticles is in our store-bought foods. For despite the apocalyptic raving of the ‘New World Order crowd’, and the prevalence of news articles explaining that humans now have microplastic in our lungs and our blood, if you go to the grocery store you will see all the produce unnecessarily wrapped in plastic.

Even items like bananas are wrapped. Canned foods that seemed to seal indefinitely must now also have an additional inner plastic lining. Your lemons, onions, and oranges are contained in ‘rope-bags’ of neon plastic threads, for no reason whatsoever apart from a matter of the mildest ‘customer convenience’.

How does this go unnoticed, as we read and hear that we are consuming a credit card a week? I am sure the average idiot can tune out almost anything, but even for those potato-sacks, there is a limit to forced not-noticing. As we peruse racks of self-sealing fruits like avocados amazingly wrapped in plastic (with little holes poked in it!) there is buzzing in the media around us, warning of an environmental apocalyptic panic. Demanding public privation, inflated food prices, and suggesting that you start eating bugs.

These are the various idiotic doomsday tentacles of the materialist monster that is created by putting the merchant class at the top of society, over all the traditional ruling classes of priest, warrior, and king. I am not sure how far off we are from being fed flavoured plastic as food, directly, but it doesn’t feel like it’s that far away.

Why is there not more outrage? More demands for local-grown food that does not require long-term sealing?

How can they be globalist and environmentalist at the same time?

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