Science and Metaphysics

“One who is healthy in body, resourcful in soul, and of a readily teachable nature.”
– Thales, description of a happy man

The field of science, and its offspring – technology, have jointly abandoned the noble virtues and become slaves to the mercantile value system. This is a recent enough phenomenon, and while the power of the deductive method remains dominant (at the middling material level – not above or below) it’s teleological function (purpose) is robbed and subverted. Even at the middle level, it is now obsfucated by tricks of language, and lied about to protect fey hearts, quivering souls unable to grasp truths that ‘sound mean’.

This pitiable remonstration before the fearful has allowed these soulless troglodytes of cowardice and greed to become dominant figureheads, the managers of their own fears. Men of action are alienated, and even where they are not, they cannot relate to a paradigm of cowardice and feeble, persistent truth-bargaining. The great contemplaters, the creators of science itself, are slowly locked out of its halls.

This is abetted by the eternal wisdom of metaphysics now being divorced from the sciences, where formerly the guidance of united teleological goals, supported by culture and a sure religious moral framework, aimed all endeavors like a laser. But the material world of corporations and government bureaucrats knows not true aims and goals. They know only animal impulse, and basics of competition in the acquisition of personal greed. Greed they construct as a virtue, an abstract beyond material greed, so that it is to them an ideology, the last remaining virtue (anti-virtue). They understand Mammon alone, and not even out of an adroit maniacal evil, but purely from a mediocrity, a lack of imagination, a strength-in-numbers of nobodies.

Some can posses a high IQ and wield thereby an economic efficiency, but without the cultivation of classical wisdom and virtues, this knowledge is generally applied wrongly, and crassly, and confusingly even to the never-sated advocate. This mistaken Darwinistic psychopathy results in a dystopian society of wickedness and slavery for the virtuous, like ours, perfectly devoid of the aristocratic free-spirited artistry and curious soulfulness of Alexandria, Athens, Samarkand, or Rome.

Safety obession is also another great evil, a feminized obsession which stifles courage and fortitude. Our ridiculous safety-obsessed litigational culture is a sad joke, a protectorate for flabby managerial sows and eunuchs. The shooting of a holy white stag recently by the nefariously useless UK police (hilariously safety-hysterical) pefectly summarizes our perpetual state of manufactured abject terror. System managers, which themselves shock us with cattle prods and goad us into slaughter-stalls, nevertheless ‘protect’ us from the scary freedom of nature outside the barn doors.

The scientist should be a brave man of vision, a ‘mad scientist’. And he should, most importantly, never allow the field of metaphysical wisdom and the mythical arts to become separate from the material sciences (as was the case at their inception). There are fields which appear unrelated, but which tradition (aimed at creating the ‘well-rounded classical man’) dictate we keep in symbiosis. Physics, for instance, should be followed by fencing, geometry by gymnastics, and natural science by poetry and music.

Here is an example of a ‘scientist’ from the past: Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont (1553 – 1613 AD, a Spanish soldier, painter, astronomer, musician and inventor, who invented a steam-powered water pump for draining mines, improved various scientific equipment, developed windmills and new types of furnaces for metallurgy. He also invented a bell-like diving suit and designed a submarine.

The unwritten laws of the gods were promulgated against depraved manners, inflicting a severe destiny and penalty on the disobedient; and these unwritten laws are the fathers and leaders of those that are written, and of the dogmas established by men.“ – Archytas z Tarentu

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