The Nord Stream and America’s European Hegemony

The Nord Stream 2 is a project to pipe a reliable supply of natural gas from St Petersburg to Germany through more than 1,200km of the Baltic Sea. On last week (October 4th) after a lengthy and expensive battle with Washington and the EU, the completed pipeline finally began testing by filling one of the undersea pipes with natural gas.

Contrary to some of the expected policies of the emerging German Green party, the Nord Stream is an ecologically sound alternative for European nations who are still reliant upon burning coal. There are several countries (primarily Poland and Germany) who are expected to be more reliant on gas-power as they attempt, as much as possible, to ‘decarbonise’ their industries, as they put it.

Despite this, the project has suffered years of expensive delays, culminating (at the end of 2019) in sanctions from the United States, who were determined that Europe NOT become energy-dependent upon Russia. Naturally the Americans had also hoped to sell their own natural gas to Europe via an as-yet-nonexistent Atlantic pipeline. The Atlantic pipe dream, if you will. However this plan seemed ambitious for an administration which only just cancelled its own domestic North American Keystone pipeline.

The early obstacles that NordStream had to face came largely from the waters the pipeline had to cross, some of which were controlled by the NATO countries of Denmark, Sweden and Finland (NATO being ostensibly a hegemonic American protectorate). In addition to these, they had to consult with Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania over potential environmental impacts. These nations also currently undergo a seemingly endless tug-of-war between America/NATO/the EU (and their dodgy Soros-NGO’s) and their own national interests (including eastern trade). Washington’s final blocking attempt came in the form of sanctions, and threats to cease doing business with shipping companies which aided the Baltic pipeline creation.

However, the Nord Stream has been completed. And in retrospect, the pipeline’s only real ‘controversy’ was the desperation of the United States to prevent it. The hawks of Washington and their hidden masters are continually torn: between the ever-expanding ineptitude borne of their entropic, egalitarian policies, and the aggressive dystopia they wish to strongarm upon the world.

They know only that they wish to keep the shadow of the American eagle cast across Europe. They cannot bear to think of warming relations between Germany and Russia, or that elements in Europe might actually welcome ties, economic or otherwise, with a nearer and ultimately less destructive superpower. Nations which are not open-borders, anti-natalist, or in favour of anarchist riots; which do not pretend to be the world’s moral conscience, or kneel and grovel before manufactured ‘social justice’ causes.

All system-approved news and EU propaganda outlets will warn of the opening of Nord Stream as a great evil (if they don’t ignore it outright to save face). It is evil to them only because it represents the growth of relations outside of their dwindling control. True to form, Washington and Germany issued a joint statement at the final pipeline agreement, stating they were: “united in their determination to hold Russia to account for its aggression and malign activities by imposing costs via sanctions and other tools”.

But exactly who is the major source of ‘aggression’ on the world stage? Malign activities like perpetual Middle East wars and forced human migration to the West? Ongoing American influence ensures that open borders and hyper-feminism will eventually turn weakend Europe into a vassal of another nation (not America as they are self-imploding simultaneously) – likely somewhere such as China. Europe will be left prone for the taking by the time Washington is done with her, to whomever wants whatever is left of the burnt-out husk. Her options are limited.

Is there an imminent threat that Russian influence might end pedo propaganda in school books, or Netflix ‘cuties’ adaptations? Is there a moral terror that Russia would cease inciting university kids to destroy folk-hero statues, because someone died resisting arrest in a US urban war-zone? America can no longer be a ‘place representing freedom’ since turning the corner to become one of the world’s largest censorship advocates. Europeans should not be fooled by false hopes, either about who their friends might be, or how weak they already are.

There is no advantage to being shackled to a paranoid, self-hating, hawkish, hegemon in decline. Without it’s own borders, at war with its own people, and determined at the point of a gun to bring pride parades and fast food to ancient civilizations.

The Nord Stream could not be stopped, it is too sensible. And there will be likely many more sensible occurances in the near future.

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